Interested in starting - Thinking Plague Doctor?


I’ve never done LARP before, though I have some friends who have, and know someone who has been to Empire with the Brass Coast, and I’m intrigued and thinking of joining in at some point.

I love the style of of the plague doctor, especially their mask, so I was thinking a healer with that outfit is something I would be interested in doing. Nation wise I’m guessing The League would fit the look the most?

Combat and being on the battlefield doesn’t appeal, but I worry I wouldn’t have enough to do. Apart from healing people after fights, what could I do? I wouldn’t want to be standing around bored the entire time and no idea what to do.

EDIT: Weirdly, one idea I also like is making the Poison based potions. It’s illegal to be caught with them, but as I can’t have them sat around and make them then let the new owner run off with them, that’s their problem, right? No different to someone owning a weapon. Or would the potions which do positive things like restore mana or help in combat be more useful, but also have more competition?

A League Doctor wearing a mask sounds great. Masks are a big part of hearth magic - there’s aspects of that in the League (directly masks), Dawn (girding), Highguard (veils) and so on.

For more on-field work, you might consider looking into ritual magic, particularly if you’re thinking of taking some of the shadier potion recipes - you’d be getting close to the mountebank archetype there, although you may struggle for fitting everything within 8XP, so some of that might have to come with time.

I don’t battle either, and there’s lots to do! If you’re going healer then you can help out at the hospital, which is pretty much constantly working because there are skirmishes as well as the big battles. There’s an apothecary guild if you’re interested in potions. There are various events that go on in the different nations across Anvil, which you normally don’t have to be in that nation to attend, such as the Dawnish Festival of the Arts, the Marcher Wassail, etc. There’s also plenty of things like bars and tea-houses, there’s a the library, hell there’s even a massage guild!

There’s Conclave if you went for some magic, Synod if you were interested in religion, and Senate for the politicians. The main thing to remember is that Empire is what you make of it - there’s 2000 people on the field, so sometimes it’s a case of wandering around and getting stuck in!

Ooo a hospital. As a soon to be first timer healer, that sounds like a place i can fall back to when im a little lost or overwhelmed at my first event.

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Potions and the Apothecary Guild is intriguing.

Spreading myself thin with magic doesn’t sound like a good idea. But a shed load of different potion types and doing them seems like something I could do.

For the politics part, well who wouldn’t be tempted to use poison as a way to get what they want…

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Remember, if anyone asks why you know how to make these deadly poisons, it’s so you can make the antidotes, honest magistrate.


Yeah, the fact that antidotes fall under the same skill makes it more viable.

It would work really well in the League. Not just because mask but also because of this: Even if you aren’t a mage, the personae are archetypes most meaningful in the League.


Would The Doctor work as I’m more intrigued by being a poisoner, and The Doctor is all about not doing harm?

The Doctor isn’t entirely not harming people - she’ll harm people when it’s necessary.

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if you look at the herb pages themselves, they are all poisons if used in certain ways. Each treats another. So its entirely explainable why you have excessive or potent quantities of these things.

Also, if you look into modern medicine, poisons and pathogens are used in the treatment of diseases. For example, there is a cancer treatment that uses a deadly poison (Chemotherepy). I wont go into the details, as cancer can (and quite rightly) be a sensitive area for some. So if you want to look into that, google is your friend.

Another example. A chemical in rat poison is used to treat blood disorders.

Its all about quantity :slight_smile:

im totally playing a healer, ive done my reserch ha!


Searching previous threads and one thing that leaps out is with multiple healers / apothecaries existing, there is lots of competition and as a single apothecary can make any number of potions when given herbs, why would people use me.

Makes me question that whilst I might like the look, woukd the profession of apothecary work? Also poisons don’t seem to get used much, risking me taking skills I never get to use.

It might be worth checking to see if a group could use the character you want to make? there are some recruiting on the forums. Im sure there are some in the facebook group. but i have not personally ventured there yet.

There are a couple of Leaguers who wear Plague doctor masks, when they’d go off to battle.

The hospital is the best place to get to know people. I went there for the first time on my events, and I loved it. So much so Im becoming more of a healer. Hope to see you there

Yes, that style of mask makes sense in the League, for wearing while treating patients and mixing potions.

Don’t worry about having nothing to do because of a limited skill-set though. A large proportion of characters spend the majority of their time doing things that are nothing to do with the game-system skills. Buying and selling things, performing plays, watching plays, arguing politics, currying favours, preaching religious views, carousing, dancing, organising a competition for chocolate-makers…

As for how the numbers work out, let’s see how it looks for the maker of poisons and antidotes…
3pts for Chirurgeon and Apothecary skills, which would allow the character to make various high-demand preparations.
2pts for the two deadly poison recipe sets:’s_Gate
and perhaps another point for the weakness/venom recipe sets:

So that comes to five or six points, and leaves two or three points for anything else you fancy, remembering that you don’t need to spend them before you start play: your character can learn new skills during the game (from someone else) or between events.

Depending on what turns out to appeal, that could mean more recipes, or Physick for more doctoring, or something from a completely different area.

If your character does want to be a purveyor of prohibited poisons, that would be an interesting (or frustrating or exciting) challenge, trying to find customers without getting caught. I suspect there might be little demand though… murder is fairly rare at Anvil, and I’ve never heard of it being done using the lethal ingested poisons, but I’m sure it could happen.

I would suggest only taking 1 of the lethal recipes and using the point to get something more marketable. Oakenhide tonics (+1 hit point Tonic of Deep forest), Tonic of surging flame (May use unstoppable once Tonic of open Sky), Scops mead (Restore 3 hero points Philtres of War) and Oil of black thorn are all wanted. Selling them before a battle (Night before is easier but you can get a desperate sale at the gate if you accept credit). I suggest this as if all you can make are poisons from the get go you may find your self overly specialised and unable to build up the customer/client relations to earn the trust of someone who wants a poison.
I under stand you wanting to make a master poisoner but you can always get the 2nd set after your first event. For First characters I always recommend to be a little generalist just so that if some part of your plan doesn’t work out you have a back up.