Interesting character goals

What are some interesting character goals which could get you some good game? How might you try to achieve those goals in game? What kind of character would be well suited for that goal?

Here are a couple of ideas I had to get the ball rolling, please feel free to expand upon or explain why it wouldn’t work:

  1. Get revenge on an eternal
    First, learn everything about that eternal that you can. This probably involves trips to the Library and trying to make friends with the relevant archmage of that realm. Maybe you need to get help from one of that eternal’s rivals. Then perhaps you try to kill its herald (if that is even possible?) or thwart a plan of the eternal. Possibly best suited to a mage.

  2. Become a general for your nation
    Be a warrior type character, at least partially. Take a military unit for your resource so that you can call yourself ‘Captain’ or whatever. Join the Auxilaries to meet the military brass, learn about empire warfare and prove yourself useful. Attend the military council. Prove yourself on the battlefield. Wait for an opening and stand for the position when it comes up…or engineer the opening yourself if you’re an Arnold Rimmer type.

  1. Gather a full set of magic items for yourself.
    Explore the wiki to find items that complement your skills, such as a Ritual Staff, Mage Robe, and Focus that all improve your ability with a single Lore. Gather the resources throughout the year by working, trading, and saving. Find artisans that you can place your commissions with at the Autumn Equinox to collect at the Winter Solstice and be rockstar.
  1. Build a reputation as a capable warrior.
    Research different builds for taking the field, examining different combinations of combat, heroic, and magical skills. Develop your hard skills, from physical endurance and reaction speeds to technical mastery of your preferred fighting style. Acquire a set of magical items that complement your fighting style. Take the field as often as you can. Don’t become a liability. Don’t die. Take measured risks to contribute to victory. Rescue others when possible. Leave a swathe of destruction and barbarian corpses in your wake.

That bit of accepted law… overturn it. Propogate something provocative yet defensible…

Classics include:

Orcs do not reincarnate therefore have no souls therefore are not people therefore cannot own property.

Worshipping Eternals will save the Empire

Briars should be burnt at the stake to save lives (and firewood!)

Yael was right.

Can we just let Dawn charge off into the middle distance and NOT rescue them? It would be so much quieter…?

How about a Republic?

Shave Wintermark, expose the spies…

(Sorry just getting silly now…)

Suitable for any loud and shouty character. Great game has been had by some players faking evidence of cults, gangs of assassins, or organising folk to loudly thump their on-brief predjudices…


Have an IC lover in each of the nine human nations.


That sounds like a perfect character goal for an Imperial Orc…