Interesting Non-Alcoholic Drinks

So, as a non-alcohol drinker who would like to join in with the group pub crawl and actually not end up drinking lemonade all weekend - are any pubs doing interesting non-alcoholic drinks? Some mocktails perhaps?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone does, and find it hard to believe that I’m the only one who gets sad when all there is on offer is orange juice, coke and lemonade…

The Hammer usually stocks a couple of mocktail options… but they don’t last long.

The Mandowla’s Arms will have home made ginger cordial and maybe other similar things. The Mandowla’s Head in the Hall of Worlds will be doing coffee during Conclave meetings. We’re in the Marches and the Hall of the Worlds.

Come to Y’Basden bar night and I’ll personally have something set aside for you.

Coffee during conclave meetings?!? How much do you charge for a cup?:smiley: