++Interlude++ (Downtime Open)

With Downtime now open (until midnight Sunday 12th), we’ve prepared our usual Interlude page collecting details of significant events and effects that may effect Downtime. You can find it here


It lists things like which armies are getting the Guerdon, what the various additional downtime options mean, the various positive and negative effects on peoples’ resources, and a table with all the currently enactable mandates on it.

Nobody needs to read this, needless to say. It’s information that may be useful or offer an explanation as to why you are (for example) seeing less herbs for you herb garden or half-a-dozen extra paid work options in your dropdown.

As usual, it’ll be replaced by the Winds of Fortune nearer the event.

(ETA) Oh! And I’ve also added a short “resolution” section to most of the Winter Wind if Fortune pages giving some details of developments including links to Synod judgements, Senate motions, or Conclave declarations as appropriate.