++Interludes and Downtime++

I’ve just about finished with the Interlude page for the period between Summer and Autumn which you can find here → http://bit.ly/383YE_Autumn_Interlude

Downtime should open this evening assuming nobody catches fire [It is! Mod]. It will stay open until midnight on Friday 9th August to give everyone time to make any choices they might have.

As always we’ve listed the military options and effects, trade options and effects, and major effects as part of the interlude so you can see what has caused any odd effects your personal resource is experiencing.

Mandates have been enacted and had their initial effects - and we’ve also got three Imperial Lore declarations just awaiting the money to get the ritual into Imperial lore.

As always, please refrain from in-character discussion of these effects or opportunities as per our guidelines.

Right! On with the show!

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