Introducing a new player

So my wife has decided she wants to come with me to the next event which is a complete shock to me as she has never even shown an interest in Larp before.

As excited and happy that she wants to experience something I enjoy with me, I am a bit conscious that she has never experienced any sort of role play before.

Any advice/tips on introducing and welcoming her to the community without overwhelming her with role play mechanics etc?

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I would ask her to read the nation pages for your nation beforehand, which should give her an idea of what your bit of the world is like, hopefully without scaring her off with the size of the wiki.

If she’s not fussed about a particular type of character using the apprentice skill might be good to try a few things out.

Can you be on site early enough to go to the new player briefings?

Make sure that the camping arrangements are all sorted and possibly a bit more effort than you’re used to, getting a good nights sleep and being warm and dry will make trying to work out the LARP thing a lot more fun!


Thanks for you comment, it makes sense.

I think if I’m being honest with myself, I’m more worried about my role playing while she’s around me :see_no_evil:

I’m not overly confident in my ability yet and I’m worried I might just hide away.

Ensure you (singular) have researched where you (plural) are sleeping, tent details, and nearest loo blocks and standpipe.

Find the social hubs of your nation (meetings, bars, firepits, etc) and start her there.

That sounds a little patronising, but ensuring that it’s a pleasant camping trip means that she’s free to enjoy the actual game.

Ask her to pick one in-game thing to do to start with.

And yes, apprentice skill is big and clever. You don’t need to spend ANY xp at the start…

Will you both be in the same nation, camping IC? Any plans?

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I hear you @wwellsy - it can be hard pretending to be someone else in front of someone who knows you well, particularly if you’re still building your own confidence.

It may help for you to talk about how your characters will interact together - are you going to be playing a married couple? how will how your characters interact differ from how you interact in real life? maybe you could come up with some shared history or some way of interacting that is distinctly IC (e.g. how you refer to each other, nicknames, how you greet each other or say goodbye, something with a flavour of your nation). You could set a safe word/phrase for if either of you want to step OC to ground yourselves (doesn’t even have to be code, could just be referring to each other by real names rather than character).

To prepare her for seeing you IC and you for being someone else in front of her, you could talk about what your character has been doing at the events you’ve already been to, particuarly things that are different to how you act in real life.

Final suggestion is to introduce her to one of your egregores and explain that they are there to help her get involved IC and can help if she gets overwhelmed OC. They are great for roleplaying with because their job is to be patient and encouraging so it may give her confidence to start roleplaying with a stranger, plus they are perfectly placed to introduce her to people with similar IC interests or who are in a similar position.

Best of luck!!!