This thread is for people to introduce themselves, with a short description if they would like. Partially motivated because my memory is so poor that I want a fighting chance of learning more names before next event and partially in case people want to make contact with each other.

To kick off, I play Gabriel Barossa of the Crimson Foxes. A changeling with a greatsword and a red brigandine if you’ve met me while we are fighting. Otherwise tend to be wearing a black or red slashed doublet over black slashed hose.

I play Antonio Raul Calogne di Trivento, Bishop of Ambition for the Church of the Enduring Flame. I’m the primary OOC contact for the group and IC contact for Sarvos. Typicaly dressed as in my avatar or when doing ceremonies in a white Chasuble and Mitre

I play Luiz Cabreyra de Tassato of the Crimson Foxes. Briar with a polearm on the battlefield (see avatar!) or else the one in the red doublet and britches with no shirt on.

I play Guillermo de Tassato and wear plenty of shiny silver and never knowingly sans cape. I am a reporter for The Pledge newspaper, a gossip and a collector of lovely things.

I play Silas van Hoepenkak di Sarvos, mercenary archer and shipmaster with the Carta Bellamarina. Red doublet, blue trousers and a black velvet hat with red and gold rosette. The hat is the most likely bit to stay consistent as I keep seeing interesting cloths in fabric shops.

I play Niccolo dos Tassatos, from the Compagnia De Rossi. Accountant, priest of Wisdom, and master of the School of Epistemology in Tassato. I wear a red cassock in a lovely jacquard linen.

I play Richardo Glostari di Sarvos, former waste of breeding and education turned merchant venturer. Wears green and gold despite hanging around with the Compagnia De Rossi

(the character is based on this poem of Kipling’s: - with the death of his father and the recent events in the Empire I decided that ‘Dickie’ would want to turn his life around)

Bit late to the party but I play Duarte por Barossa do Regario, a printer of works, member of the Backstage Foxes troupe, Day/Night ritualist with the Twilight Chorus, medical merrow of forms mundane and magical and proud member of the Company of The Red Fox.

Looking forward to an exciting second year of Empire!

i am Lupo Vincenzo Vibratto
i am of sarvosi origin and i spend maost of my year wandering the Empire as a mendicant priest of wisdom, but due to a promise to my dieing father i am forced to spend time running the family business (a grocery) so at the empire i am also
“the Grocer”

I am Kardea De Tassato, Cicisbeo and assistant seamstress.

I’ll be playing Gian Carlo van Holberg from Compagnia De Rossi - I’m new to all this, been out of practice creativity-wise, so all I know about him so far is that he’s a Changeling orphan who got raised by the Little Mother, and now he’s made it to Merchant Prince with an interest in magic. Will be wearing a red doublet, black hose, cloak and floppy hat. If in any doubt, look for the short one with long hair :stuck_out_tongue:

My name is Vladimir Darkstar von Temeschwar. A new arrival to league from foreign seas, bringing with me enough wealth to by my own business and forge a new life. Will be dressed in rich indigo’s and maroons and light leather. Always armed and often with some armour.

I can’t help but feel that “Darkstar” seems rather out of keeping with the setting. … the_League
I think it would be worth checking it with Profound Decisions:

Oo, interesting. From which foreign nation? … gn_nations

What OOC language will you be using for your character’s native tongue? … /Languages

I presume you’ve seen the bit on that page that says

Hey Canashir,

Way to make somone feel welcome in your nation.

I dont see ‘Vladimir Darkstar von Temeschwar’ as being too different from ‘Elsbet van Temeschwar, of the Black Raven’, it’s just putting the byname before the locative.


you know what the say about opinions… :slight_smile:

Welocome to Empire, Have Fun at E5!


Thought I’d put something here, but apparently not!

I’m Josée and I play Lunetta Sanguineo, Priestess of Loyalty and Apprentice to the Gilded Horn Carta (previously known as Lunetta di Sarvos, Priestess of Loyalty to the Carta Bellamarina). After losing the two mercenaries she was working alongside, she is currently looking out for those who have strong loyalties she could aid, or those without loyalties she could help - so I’m likely to be seen wandering around a lot!

Pleasure to meet you all.

That was a good memorial service for them at event 4.


That was a good memorial service for them at event 4.[/quote]

I’m so glad things went so well; OC I was absolutely terrified!

I’m playing Deitrich Elias der Holberghan, Bishop of Ambition within the Church of the Enduring Flame. I’m the sects contact for Holberg and you’ll usually find me in full priestly garb with the biggest mitre at the event (It’s OK, you can take turns to be jealous).

Oh goody, a thread that reminds me of all the names I forget, and explains why everyone talks about a Louise in the Crimson Foxes (will work on foreign name pronounciation in my group, honest!)

I play Isabella De La Torre of the Brotherhood of the Ashen Tower. I pretty much turn up when I’m told to and watch and listen. I also recruit.
I’m the scary draughir lady and will always be found wearing a mask.

Hello everyone!

I’m a new player in the process of building a league character (the only thing I’m really set on is ritual magic and harps) and I’m looking for ties to make joining in the game a little easier. Any thoughts?