Inventing New Stuff

Is it possible to make new technologies that come to affect the game world? So let’s say I made a rudimentary camera using magic technology with my coven, so that people could make videos and take pictures? Would that then be an expensive thing that somebody could make?

Empire is explicitly not a game about discovery and invention, and thus “No (ish)”

It is possible (although VERY expensive) to invent a new magic item with the use of a Runeforge (, of which there currently exists one in the Empire. It would have to fit the existing constraints on magic items, so something like a camera is very unlikely to be accepted by PD, even if you manage to gain control of a runeforge.


Oh ok. What kind of stuff can you invent using a runeforge?

Sword that calls Venom?
Amulet that grants the use of [insert skill here]?
Armour that increases the effectiveness of quick healing methods that are used on you?

If you manage to think of a magical bow that is interesting, I’m all ears. :slight_smile:

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I reckon we can make a bow that lets a mage call MASS VENOM. It may look a lot like a staff with a piece of string tied between the ends, but it’ll totally be a legitimate buck shot bow… maybe.

You can also invent new rituals. These are called arcane projections. They cost 10 mana and you must have lore in the relevant realm to make them. This is probably the easiest way to make new things.


It is also possible to make or discover new potions and elixirs. The Druj have donated a few new ones (via being stabbed until we looted a recipe book) and I suspect that the Eternals know some we do not, as do the various foriegn nations…


Coolio, thanks. Where do the Eternals usually hang out by the way? Do they have people playing those roles?

In the magical realms, beyond this world, in the realms of Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn, Day, Night…

IE, where you can’t get.

What you can do is interact with their messenger/servants, the Heralds. (Played by members of the PD crew, and usually on a mission)

If you want to get information from an Eternal, your best bet is to find a Herald and ask them. You may also want to have a look at the known Eternals…

The Day Eternals might be more informative than others…


The Archmages also have the ability to set up meetings with Eternals and their Heralds - you can learn about the meetings set up for this coming event here.

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Think of the Realms of Magic like the magic equivalent of foreign nations and the Archmages as Imperial ambassadors to those nations. The Eternals are then power groups within those nations, each with their own interests and sphere of expertise.

Archmages have the equivalent of a red telephone, but bandwidth is limited.

Eternals can and do also send heralds (ambassadors and agents) to the field - sometimes this is very public and sometimes it is not. Generally they will check in with the archmage if they can be found, but they usually have an agenda of their own. Some Eternals also have mortal agents - either worshippers (super illegal) or simple hirelings.

Among the things Eternals can do is to lean on the rules of magic to make it do things it couldn’t do without their help.


This may be helpful: