++Invisible Walls++

Hey up, we’ve had a bit of feedback from a few players about invisible walls at the back of the orc camp preventing them from going past/through… Apparently there’s a misconception that this is an OOC thing and that players can’t go between the orc camp and the Navarr camp for some reason.

I’m just posting here to clear up the misunderstanding - we usually don’t use invisible walls in Empire. If it’s not phys-repped - then it’s not a wall. If it is phys-repped, it tends to be about as good a wall as the phys-rep is representing it.

After some discussion, its possible the misunderstanding arose because of uncertainty about what a “ghost fence” is (I believe its a fence with some spiritual meaning for some orcs - not a supernatural barrier - like the Varushkan wardings).

But to be clear, you can IC wander through the orc camp as much as you like provided you are prepared to accept the IC consequences of doing so.