Iron Raptors in Anvil

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The Iron Raptors have resurfaced at Anvil after several years absence. Despite their lack of formal Imperial backing, this mercenary sodality still manages to maintain a comfortable existance on the margins of the Empire. They specialise in bringing cash-strapped heroes together with rich patrons with problems to solve, taking a percentage of the money offered for serving as middle-men.

During the coming summit their current leader Master Aryton Scalmere in Anvil looking to do business. He has boldly staked a claim to a prime spot in the marketplace, opposite the Hub and it is likely he will have a handful of highly dangerous, poorly paid contracts that need fulfilling by people whose thirst for violence and risky activities outstrips their common sense.

We’re running a number of plots at the next event through the Iron Raptor enterprise. The Empire setting describes many dangers - raids into barbarian lands, attacks on bandit strongholds and battles with the creatures that lurk in the dark recesses of the Empire. The Raptors will help to bring this aspect of the setting to the fore by giving players - especially new players - a chance to risk life and limb in the dangerous wilds of the Empire. It is a chance for high adventure, for glory and for the more worldly - for some rings and crowns that will help you pay for your way in Anvil.

You will be able to find the Raptors in the market place, or possibly in the tavern. The Iron Raptors are effectively mercenaries though they have nothing to do with the battles and wars of the Empire leaving that work to the League Free Companies. The kind of plots accessible through the Raptors are especially designed to appeal to new players who have not yet got involved with the politics of the Empire where a chance for adventure and reward appeals. For those with everything to gain - or nothing to lose - the Raptors offers a chance for adventure and glory.

We’re hoping that if the Iron Raptors are a success we’ll be able to create some more of these on-the-field groups that offer plot opportunities directly to characters on the field.

You can find out a bit more about them here ( … on_Raptors)