Is a Gold Mine better represented by a Mine resource or a business?

As stated in the topic I was wondering if a gold mine is better represented by a business or a mine because the mine resource doesn’t have the option of producing a simple trade good like gold or silver instead of magic metals. Sorry if it’s a stupid question I was just wondering.


Basically the Mine resource is for producing the very rare magical metals, which are within the Empire as if not more valuable than gold. As such if I was set specifically on having a gold mine for story reasons I would either go with:

A) Business and the money it produces is the gold being sold under the abstraction layer.
B) Mine and the resources I bring to Anvil are the miscellaneous other things that the workers find in the mine. The actual Gold going on in the background, but not making all the money into your pocket but rather being taken by other owners/shareholders/etc.

If you had a partner you could easily have one each and share them as a unified business (in terms of description) with one of you getting the non gold production and one the gold protection but then sharing them.

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Not a stupid question, I know someone in my group who has a business that’s flavoured as a goldmine.

It comes down to what do you want to do with it.

If you just want money in your pack when you turn up and for example if you were in the League you wanted Votes in the sentor election, pick Business.

If you want materials that you can then go out and do trade with people, haggle for a good price and that sort of thing and if you’re in Varushka vote on who gets Bourse resources then pick a mine, You can say it’s a gold mine that also has deposits of whatever magical metal.

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I had a business that my group decided was a gold mine and refinery, and that we sold the metal to the Imperial Mint and so I got money in my envelope at the start of each event.

The resource is a way of giving every character some income in their envelope when they start the game, and a way of distributing resources to the players to trade with. There are only a limited selection of options so that PD can actually provide all the necessary items, coins, sculpted resin blocks or cards depending on your options.

What you say your business, farm, mine or mana garden looks like is entirely up to you and not important to the game design as such. A precious metal or even precious stone mine would on this system be best represented by a business. Exactly how your metal or stones are converted into cash is below the abstraction layer, and good for a short story over a cup if you want!