Is Conning allowed in Empire?

Not really sure where I should put this, but I’m just wondering if small cons like three card monte are allowed in game?

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I believe the answer is yes. You can’t forge stuff like Bourse notes or coinage but I could easily see a league mountebank running such a scam.

There’s two different meanings of ‘allowed’ that might be relevant here:

The first is ‘allowed according to the OOC rules’. These govern the actions which can be taken in the game. There are rules about permissible types of theft and fraud - most notably it has to be during time in, you can’t enter closed tents, and you can’t fake PD provided resources. A scam like three-card monte is permitted according to those rules.

The second is ‘allowed according to the IC laws’. There are also in-character laws in the Empire against theft - actions which break these can be taken, but may get your character into trouble. I don’t know offhand whether a scam like three-card monte would violate the IC laws about theft or fraud, and an accurate opinion could only be provided by a magistrate.


List of Criminal Offences


If you ran 3 card monte and could prove it was not rigged then you are fine. You are making your prosperity on peoples lack of vigilance and wisdom.

I would say you can happily con people. If you don’t spout how much you are conning people then you will get away with it. Subtlety is key.

Read this bit on the Monteback:

There is an argument that could be made that “small cons” are insufficiently ambitious :slight_smile:.

I’d go watch some Leverage and Hustle for inspiration :smile:.

Ah, but there is wisdom in securing a steady income. Also reaching too far invites the false virtue Hubris.

bites tongue Aaaaand there’s no response to that I can make that isn’t heading IC :smiley:.


I think I may have crossed the bounds there.

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