Is crewing an option for the end of May?

I’ve heard good things about the system and players and was considering dipping my feet in the waters. As an experienced LARPer, happy to crew for a fest and see how things go. Couldn’t see anything specifically on the site to suggest monster-only tickets were available.

Have I missed it? Entirely likely…


I’m pretty sure PD are always looking for more crew :slight_smile:.

Drop them an email at and see what they say. You’ll need to register an account on the site and when they give the thumbs up you’ll be able book a crew ticket for the event.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Cheers Mark. That would have been my guess too, but wasn’t sure if there was an official route for doing it.

I’m just a bit reticent about dropping cash into even more character kit before I decide which way to go. So monstering seemed a good way to see who is doing what.

Yes, do it! They are usually after monster and NPC crew roles at the least and there’s usually a good team spirit that keeps things fun. I played one long-running NPC and a couple of events as monster squad (called the One Hundred) and I enjoyed them both in different ways.

I will caution that when I was part of the monster team I didn’t really get a feel for the nations that much as we were always on opposite sides of a spear, as it were. It’s still a good way to get to know the game style a bit, and you usually get a bit of time off, although it will depend on your particular schedule when that is.

As Mark says, email PD and have a chat with them. :slight_smile: