Is it necessary to find a group before your first event?

Hi everyone, a few friends and I will be coming to our first empire event in April. I’ve been browsing the forums and wiki, and we’ve all decided which nation we will be in (Navarr).

Is is better to find a group through the forums and facebook groups beforehand, or just arrive and find one when we’re there?

As there’s five of us, I was worried that a sudden influx of new players would put stress on any pre-existing group.


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First up, welcome to the game, and the forums!

You’ve got a few options here.

  1. Five of you could feasibly show up as a group in and of yourselves. There are groups of one, five is perfectly reasonable. You can thus make characters that complement each other, make up backstory, work out a group design (it’s Navarr, so it’ll be thorns… just kidding), and so on.

  2. You could hunt around and find a group on the FB page, as suggested. There are large groups that could absorb an extra 5, there are smaller groups probably happy to double or more their numbers. This does tie you in to someone else’s concepts, but also gives you a good starting point, with some new friends to introduce you round.

  3. You could arrive and talk around to find a group onsite, but I would counsel against this. Even if you show up on Thursday, have a day or two to talk to people, working out who you want to hang with, absorbing any backstory, picking up any history, and making sure your kit matches with any group stylings… will take longer. That’s besides the “New Players Intro” events that you won’t want to miss…

  4. You could also split up and each find different groups to be in. This means you won’t be playing with your friends. If you have arguments about which group to join, do this, but otherwise stick together.

If I were you, I’d turn up as a new group, the five of you. I, and many many others on these forums and the facebook pages, will be happy to give advice on this sort of thing.

If you have yet to book, most people will also have a discount code for that as well :slight_smile:


absolutely not necessary… (short answer) i went to my first event at e3 without a group beforehand… i started chatting to a couple of marchers when i arrived and then joined them… you’ll find as much fun as you want to depending on what you do when there. (slightly longer answer) sorry for waffling

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For five of you I’d serious consider creating your own group.


I didn’t think of making our own group - we are pretty creative and have some ideas for a backstory. Is it particularly difficult to set up a group?

The only thing I’m concerned about is the fact that as we’re all new, it would be harder for us to get the hang of things if we’re not joining an established group. Do groups intermingle enough that it wouldn’t be an issue?

Thanks again!


I was going to suggest starting your own group, it’s not difficult to do, there’s a wizard for group creation on the PD website similar to the character creation one.

You’ll need to think of a group background and history or maybe not at all, up to you but I’m part of a group that started small and is growing, you all have different interests and skills within the game you’ll soon be off and flying in terms of things to do, there’s always loads going on for all interests! Best way to learn the game is to ask people what they’re doing and learn that way, as you suggested groups mingle often and it’s a great way to learn, you can always talk to your egregore too they can point you in the right direction for things you’re after


Creating a new group is limited only by the brief and your imagination!

Have a read of the Navarr background on the wiki, and have a look at the Prominent Striding and Steadings page to get an idea of what the other groups are like.

All the nations are super supportive of new player groups, so there shouldn’t be an issue with all of you being new.


At 5 people you’re bigger than some groups in play anyway :slight_smile:.

Also 5 is an ideal sized group to learn how to fight together and back each other up on the battlefield.

If you want to start up a thread about creating your own group I’m reasonably sure we could help you with you ideas :wink: .


There has been good advice given above.

Setting up a group is easy. Your hardest thing will be finding a name that is original, not taken by someone else, and which you can agree on… :slight_smile:

If you are not camping in-character (and I would suggest not trying that for your first game), then all you need is to come up with a name for your group, so you can announce yourself (“We are the Default Striding, and this is our first time at Anvil”).

Complex history, insignia, flags, geography, intricate backstories for each character and relationships with other groups… are all optional.


It looks like we will be building a group together after this advice! Creating a new thread about it sounds like a good idea.