Is It Worth Fighting If You Have No Armour or Hero Skills?


I’ll be attending E1 as my first event next year and I’m looking to make some money as my main aim. I understand you can make a considerable amount looting and selling magic items and the lot on the battlefield. I however, do not believe I would survive very long at all on the battlefield as armour is a little on the expensive side and I don’t want to waste my points on hero skills etc. Meaning that I’ll have about 2 HP and probably get obliterated into red mist in the first 10 seconds of fighting. Is it worth the very high risk?

A bit of a weird question but and suggestions would be awesome.


To be blunt, I suspect you’d find this very difficult. Items on monsters tend to be on the elite monster units, who tend to be slightly harder than “regular” monsters and taking them on with 2 hits and no calls is … “ambitious” (which is cool, that’s a virtue after all)

A bigger problem though might be that the monsters tend to be looted by the people who killed them, and while you might survive, your chance of beating the dedicated fighters to the kill will be very small indeed.
You could try lurking around the fight and looking for unlooted items but I suspect you’d find this relatively fruitless, most people tend to pick items off monsters pretty sharpish.


well its a good thing you told me that since i actually have very little idea how combat works jaja. thought every Joe Shmoe had like 20 ilium on em.


I would highly recomend getting some armour. Even some padded armour (gambesons, ect) will double your hp and cost around 50 pounds. A breastplate and some greaves/bracers will tripple your hp for about 80 pounds. And if cost is still an issue, ask around to borrow some. from what ive heard loaning bits of kit out to newbies is how a lot veteran larpers justify hanging on to a lot of their kit :stuck_out_tongue:


Buying and selling stuff on the battlefield is not going to go well.

Because few folk bring cash onto the battlefield, and while there are a LOT of valuables taken through the Sentinel gate, these tend to be for use. Magic weapons, potions, mana crystals for battlefield rituals and the like.

You COULD turn up with a huge stash of potions, stand behind the lines, and try to sell them. At which case you’d be accused of various things. It’s assumed that if you go through the Gate you’re going to make a contribution and support the troops, if not actually fight. Demanding cash for saving people on the spot will NOT make you popular.

I mean, you could turn up with all the useful bits (artisans oil, potions, bandages), and give out business cards along with your wares. “If you have used my items, please come by my camp and make a contribution…”

As for looting off the monsters…

Due to a confusion issue…
[anything looted off the monsters could be an important piece of plot, including lucky charms, pet mice, letters home, and maybe even filthy handkerchiefs. It’s a shams, I wrote some nice letters home…]
… you won’t get much off most orcs (or indeed, other opponents, but it’s usually orcs).

Some orc healers or mages may be carrying crystal mana or herbs, a few important Elite Military Units may have one or two magical items between a dozen of them, and the big boss warorc is likely carrying a couple of enchanted items. And as mentioned, they’ll be tough, so looting will be difficult.

…20 Illium, or value equivalent, I think we spotted once when we were trying to catch an orc treasure chest carrying a lot of loot back to their lines…

As wraith33 says, it’s possible to get some pretty good kit reasonably cheaply. What sort of budget have you, and which nation?


haha I meant looting on battlefield and trading off. I think it would be funny however to go round pawning stuff to people while they are fighting.

To answer your question I’m Brass Coast, and probably a couple of hundred but that’s to build up everything from scratch. Costume, Weapon, etc.


In my 5 years of playing Empire I have looted a sum total of 3 ribbons off orcs on the battlefield, and a handful of herbs. Of those ribbons I kept 2, and sold one for a handful of crowns. It is not a profitable way to make money.

As for fighting with no armour or hero skills; yes, it’s perfectly possible and worthwhile, depending on what you want to get out of the experience.
Large scale larp combat is a thing to behold; you can’t quite express the thrill of being in a shield-wall and seeing ~500 orcs stampeding towards you, or emerging alive from a near-death melee in a fort. However, doing that on 2 hits is a bit risky.
Take the field as back-line support, experience a battle, but don’t expect to make money doing so!


My first battle i only had a gamberson, i went down but got saved pretty early by a wintermark healer, i learnt very quickly always keep moving or you will be a pin cushion, don’t stand still near the front line unless you have heavy armour.

You could pick stuff up as the frontliners move forward over the slain, 90% of the enemy doesn’t have stuff in my experience.


do many Brass coast wear Gambersons tho?


You can wear fabrics over them, it does get warm though, i’ve seen a guy hide a set of chainmail under a robe and lots of people called him out on it, he opened the robe then stuck two fingers up in the air at the archer and his hand got hit by an arrow impaling his arm then the archer stuck his fingers in the air it was really funny to watch, chainmail as far as i remember is on brief for BC? :s



I would like to make an addendum to my previous post regarding armour. While padded armour does double your starting hit points, it provides no protection against CLEAVEs and IMPLALEs (including arrows). Still doable (from what I’ve heard), but Heavy armour will increase your survivability significantly (especially a breastplate/ backplate and leg armour)


Is it better to go for leg armour rather than arm?


A good initial armour set is a hauburgeon or breastplate, forearm vambraces and lower leg greaves. A hauburgeon and vambraces gives you good arm protection, and greaves stop lower leg cleaves, leaving only knees to hip as a vulnerable ‘cleave-space’. That area is probably the least exposed if you have a good fighting stance. Easily cleaved arms are a herb-sink, and lower legs are often a prime target.


Broadly, a disabled leg is far more likely to get you killed than a disabled arm.
There is a very simple reason for this: If someone cleaves your arm, you can still withdraw under your own power. Leg… not so much.


So typically I reckon the battles tend to be net sinks of wealth, rather than producers of it, once you start taking the field there is the questions like

  • Should I have a potion to restore limb/ restore hits?
  • Should I have some herbs so a physick can heal me after they ran out?
  • Should I get an enchantment/ Magical armour etc

On arm versus leg, a cleaved arm might stop you fighting, but it will rarely kill you. there isn’t much difference between a cleaved leg and being on 0 hits, in terms of survivability. If you are unlucky the cleaved leg might be more likely to get you killed, because it’s harder to heal that than get someone off their deathcount.


Leg armour it is then haha!


One more question is it okay to have Mail under a coat or other clothing? Do you have to be able to see the mail? and does this affect its ability to defend against cleave and impale. Will an archer think you’re cheating if you’re not impaled when an arrow hits your cloth arm with mail underneath?

  • One more question is it okay to have Mail under a coat or other clothing?
    • Yes, it still offers protection
  • Do you have to be able to see the mail?
    • No,
  • and does this affect its ability to defend against cleave and impale.
    • No, if there is chain between sword and you or arrow and you you are immune to cleave/impale
  • Will an archer think you’re cheating if you’re not impaled when an arrow hits your cloth arm with mail underneath?
    • Possibly but I’d expect Archers are used to hidden chain by now


Above answers are correct. Archers will indeed hate you and suspect you of cheating, because stealth chain typically looks very similar to people cheating or (one of my personal bugbears) forgetting that the standard orcish breastplates are Medium.