Is It Worth Fighting If You Have No Armour or Hero Skills?


Okedokey thanks :+1:


Do any spear users ever find it difficult or annoying to keep your hands a certain distance apart?
I feel like it would be very inconvenient not being able to slide the spear through one hand like a pool cue.


No problems for me. Fought exclusively with a spear for 2.5 years


I haven’t got hero points and in the battles i’ve been too, i’ve been floored twice in battle and it was stupidity and distance from friendly line both times that caught me out, respawned foes catch you out something fierce sometimes…


Yes. I found this tricky while fighting with a stab-safe spear. The trouble, is, the closer your hands, the less control you have, and the easier to hit someone unsafely or too hard.

So I stopped fighting with long spears until I could get it right.


My artisan/magician character went into battle with 2hp and no armour… She does have venom and did have a rod with charges of repel in it, so she wouldn’t have been completely useless if it wasn’t for how I’m playing her as an absolute coward. (I want her to gradually become more prideful and less cowardly but to begin with she’s terrified of everything)

Ran around screaming at everything and hiding behind people with shields. Occasionally helped the healers drag people to safety. Didn’t hit anything or get hit even once. Was a lot of fun!