Is there a magic item auction?


I was wondering if there exists a Magic item auction in game?

Or is selling magic items more towards searching for people who want them/ pre-game OC finding people? mainly want to avoid picking items in char generation and then not finding anyone who wants them.


There’s no specific magic item auction, but there is the general auction which happens every evening - you can put an item in for a fee (flat if it doesn’t sell I believe, a percentage if it does), however there’s no guarantee it’ll sell obviously.


In axword yes. There are actions going on throughout the event where things like magic items can be sold. Thiers 2 public auctions run by the civil service in the senate building on Friday and Saturday where all kind of things are sold. It costs a crown to enter a lot and you need to do so well in advance but it’s a leg work free way in which so unload your ribbons. A word of warning if your lot doesn’t sell your still out a crown so set your expectations accordingly.

There are also at least 2 other player led auctions that I know of bit you’ll have to ferret them out in the field.

That said Thiers plenty of game to be had in walking around looking for buyers/people willing to comissions your magic item’s.

It’s up to you ultimately how much effort you want to expend.

Hope this helps


As everyone above has already addressed whether or not their are auctions, I think it would be a good idea if I talk a bit about what you could do if you decide not to use an auction.

I recommend you look at the kind of items you want to sell and then consider who would buy them. For example, if you have enchantments for rods then are going to want to look for a mage. They can be found near the hall of worlds and in every nation’s camp, you just have to ask around. Urizen most well known for their mages so you would probably find it easier to find them there. You could even wait by the main gate and wait for people to come in and accost them as they do.

If you think you will buy it, chances are, someone else will as well, you just need to know how to sell it. There will be a few people trying to sell their stuff and you need to make your wares seem more desirable than theirs. Tricks, spins and gimmicks can work well with this, also, again, knowing who you are selling to.

I hope this helps.


I would advise, from my experience playing the Artisan game:

  1. Pick items that are useful to you, or to those useful to your friends.

  2. Make yourself known to any groups that might want the items you can make, as inn the example above, let the magi know that you can make their gear. Especially, find your national rep for the Artisans Guild, who keep track of who can make what to shuffle commissions around.

  3. Try to sell things yourself. It’s a good way of wandering around and meeting people, inside and outside your nation. It also helps you find those selling materials for your next round of crafting.

  4. If you can’t sell easily, then yes, try the auction.

  5. Bear in mind that you don’t have to sell it immediately. As a rule of thumb, knock 25% off the price of an item each event after the first, but you should be able to sell an item that’s NOT “freshly enchanted” the next season if you can’t sell it this one.

Would you like some guidance as to picking your starting items?


The three ribbons you would get as a starting artisan are almost certainly going to be saleable, basic items are useful to a lot of characters intentionally.

You are of course capable of bonding the things to yourself for your own use, so that is one way to pick the recipes you want.

Otherwise asking around for the skills and paths for members of your group and seeing what items they might find useful is probably a good bet.

Trading for profit is a matter of legwork, and asking. There will be someone on the field wanting the things you have, none of the recipes are useless after all. Just depends how much of your weekend you want to spend doing that.
NB you will also want to be trading for the materials to make the items for your next downtime too, so both jobs could be done together.

There are also people who will buy your stuff because they might know someone who wants it, lower price probably, but less legwork for you. There is probably an advert for services like that on the general noticeboard in the hub. You can also put up your own advert offering these items, and giving somewhere you can be found.

And if it all goes wrong and you don’t find anyone wanting the recipes you have for next time you can swap them out for different choices for the next event, by asking at GOD, or emailing after your first event.


That would be helpful thanks. Was wondering whats the most common weapon that you have seen on the field?


Right. Firstly, you get 4 items to start with, in the following brackets. 0 materials, up to 10, up to 20, and unlimited.

If you want a cheap and useful weapon, you’re probably looking at either the Apprenctices Blade or the Biting Blade, maybe the Triumphant Blade (at 0, 7 and 14 mats respectively).

The low level wands, staves and rods are also likely to be popular.

The trouble is, that as a lot of the effects are mirrored by skills or other, ti’s quite difficult to tell when someone’s using a weapon ability or their own… so I can’t tell you what the most popular or common is…

As a general rule, there will be more warriors than physicks, or mages, on the field. So making low level martial stuff will almost garauntee you a market.

Greensteel Braclets, Oakheart Shield, Mithril Shirt, Warriors Plate, those weapons above… you could sell those almost indefinately.

What I would suggest though, is the following.
For your 0 mat slot, pick something popular. Warriors Plate is a classic, but if you can make some of the magic stuff you’ll have a smaller and hungrier market to aim at.
For your =>10 slot, get something for you. An item that will help your character do stuff. This one you can replace easily, and reccomend it to people, and make one or two for them over the year.
For your =>20 slot, something a little fancier. Either what you may consider to be your primary armament, or something for your group or group leader.
For you Unlimited slot, something impressive. Something that you could spend a year picking up materials towards, and make maybe once a year, if that, presenting it to the owner with due ceremony and decoration.

My last character was a Dawnish fighter type, sword and shield. And an Artisan. He took:
Warriors Plate (for making when low on materials, sold well)
Mithril Shirt (he wore medium armour, this he used a lot, and sold on a few sets)
Oakheart Shield (also used himself, made a few for friends and allies)
Shieldbreaker (never got to make this in 4 years of play. Was commisioned to do make one, but died before doing so)
As I recall, 3 seasons a year he made Mithril shirt, Oakheart shield, and Artisans Oil. The 4th season, unable to get the mats, he made a Warriors Plate and a Mithril shirt. On average.

Bear in mind that characters die, artisans die, and 99.9% of items last only 1 year anyway. So there’s often substantial turnover and constant demand, even for the low level stuff.

Heck, especially for the low level stuff. Winterborn Warmail may only be worn by wealthy group leaders, but every starting character can afford Warriors Plate…

Hope that helps.

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