Is there a way to change your spells


So I can cast heal and empower however I have never really used empower and would like more offensive spells.
Just wondering if there is a way to change the spells you cast? Like you can change the rituals you can master.
Thanks in advance :grinning:



If you contact PD by email and ask them to remove the skills you don’t want, they should be able to do that for you. I’ve only done this for skills I have never used however a friend of mine did it for skills he did use. Make sure you have an IC reason, just in case someone asks why you suddenly can’t do something you could do before but can do something you couldn’t.

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Perfect thanks! Dont think IC it will be a problem as im prettt sure nobody knows i even have it. But ill think of a reason just in case :wink:.

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If you’re still a new player they should usually be ok with swapping spells, rituals and skills around for you, it’s always worth dropping them an email about it.

Oh offensive spell wise I can recommend repel as being pretty useful to start with.

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By the way, is Purify a spell commonly needed on the battlefield for a healing mage as long as I have heal and restore limb?



Entirely depends on the battle. With Vallorn or Druj yes, with other foes not always.