Is there a way to find out how many of a personal resource are in a region?

Question as the title. I am wondering if there is a way to find out how many herb gardens are in Holburg. I am wondering if its worth swapping to get a big share of the herbs in the Miserycord.

Hmm. Number of players in Holberg, then number of those with a Herb garden personal resource. Is that counting PCs who have not yet been played? PCs who have not been played in months/years?

Given that Herb Garden doesn’t seem (from an outsider) to be an amazingly popular resource in the League, I’m going to start puling figures out of midair.

Lets assume 2000 PCs (not all attending every event). The League is pretty large, so let’s go with 200 PCs. At 1 in 9 resources (if random) being Herb Gardens, that’d be 20 to 25 herb gardens. A quarter of the League PCs from Holberg? Call it 7. But Holberg, I suspect, has a few more military units (due to history) and businesses (due to nation) than average. So I’m going to take a guess at only about 3 or 4 Herb gardens in Holberg.

I suspect you’d have to do an on-field survey or ask PD (with above conditions) to check it…

I’m sure there will be a PD database with that information on it but I very much doubt they will give you access to it. To me personally, it feels a bit metagamey to use that kind of behind the scenes information for personal in game benefit.

But for any answer worth anything id email PD and ask.


Ok, so, the PD database knows this - to a certain degree. It is on record how many current characters hold a herb garden resource in that region.

Finding it out IC - well, in theory this is something the relevant Egregore may know, or perhaps the Civil Service. Will they tell you? No idea - OC it requires them going back to GOD and getting someone to do a database check, which is a fair bit of faff that they’re not going to do just because A Random Citizen asked. But if you convince them you have a good and virtuous reason for asking?

They are not going to tell you who has one for all kinds of reasons, but how many - maybe, to a rough degree? Of course any number they give is going to include characters not currently being played who may be played again or may have been abandoned, so you’re never going to get an accurate number IC because there isn’t one to give. And overall it feels like a query/conversation for the field.

Where did you read that there’s more herbs for Holberg? Can’t remember that we spent the money and resources to build the dikes to grant the extra production. Is it in one of the recent history ones?

OOC, this is absolutely something that could be extracted from the database without much effort.

IC, the civil service track several similar sets of data for voting purposes - herb gardens in Navarr; businesses in The League; etc - and occasionally these voting criteria change or are added to - new bourse resource seats for example. It is thus reasonable to assume that the civil service, being the model of efficiency that it is, operates a regular census of all such things (probably combined with the below-the-abstraction-layer tax collection).

What I don’t know is whether the implications of this have been noticed/discussed/decided upon, not what such a decision would be - this is a game-design level issue.
My gut-feeling is that the answer would be something like “The civil service is an IC skin on an OOC game mechanic. While they technically do have this data, it is not collated unless necessary for election purposes, nor generally available. Possibly a report may be commissioned, bu would be too expensive/take to long to be of any use.”

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You could do a census IC?

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Some people in individual nations have done just that I know there was one in Navarr a while back and I’ve gone round asking after people who have military units a while back in my nation. But that’s all been done on the field.

I think you would need to ask around IC about this and people wouldn’t be obligated to tell you or even tell the truth, especially in a nation as competitive as the League.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re not a Holberg native that moving in to get some of the herb bounty might cause people to see you as a carpet bagger and be a source of IC conflict.

Thanks for the help. I am a Holbhurger (and as one of those people decrying carpetbaggers understand the irony) I am planning for a future character. I don’t think the improvements have been made or proposed yet, but It’s probably going to be considered after the park is finished. I may take a quick census around the holburg groups. I know there is at least one (it was a spoils of war).

One way to find out is to get a herb garden in Holberg, look at how many extra herbs you get, and do some maths to figure out how many other herb gardens there must be.

I may have to wait anyway. With out the upgrade to the misiricord and ennurlund, there is little point I think.

I think we’re talking about ad

The penalty to farms thanks to half of Holberg being swamp and the other half being poisoned forests is automatic but the Senate would need to approve construction to gain a bonus to herb gardens.


Yes this is it. I was speculating for the future.

That was my suspicion.

@Mr_Haystacks There are things coming into play for Holberg though. Like the blood red road and the opera house. The road hinging on if we’re cut off from the rest of the empire by the Druj. There was a greenhouse that was really high rank that was auctioned off a long time ago too in Holberg. Spoils of war from when the cities territory was liberated. Could look that up and see what happened to that.

Ah, Doctor Ventner’s Greenhouse! I’m sure some folks in the League would know who ended up in control of it.