Is there an official order for the realms?

Is there an official or traditional order for the realms?

So does it go spring, summer, autumn, winter, day, night? Or maybe spring, summer, day, autumn, winter, night? Or autumn, day, night, spring, summer, winter?

I’m thinking that there should be an established or traditional order, because we should have lots of items using that iconography, or just what order to file your library in, but I have no idea what it is. Help!

I think you should decide and then get everyone to follow your order. I bet If you took the throne then people would have to use your order, soon every library in the Empire would be forced to obey your commands or be crushed by your merciless iron fist…

There is no right answer, only your answer. :smiley:
My answer, for instance, is based on this:

Burn every library that contains any books with alternative academic traditions.

Worked for Nicovar.

Alphabetical, obviously. :slight_smile:

Clearly alphabetical.

Not at all influenced by the fact that puts Autumn first.

Based on the Ring of Triumph/Ring of Adversity items I have always arranged them in a circle, with Day between Spring and Summer and Night between Autumn And Winter (so it goes Day, Summer, Autumn, Night, Winter, Spring, and back to Day)

Which one you put at the top is (OC) a matter of personal preference and (IC) something to debate in the field…

This is a really fun one to discuss in the field if you find other people who care. The one I incline to favour has already been mentioned, although I’m not sure if my current character’s interested…

You could probably establish an official order using a Declaration of Concord in the Conclave.

Just saying :slight_smile:

They are clearly laid out as faces on a cube. Simples!

Impossible! Because as Timecube teaches us a cube has only four sides!

Correct. Your new project is to work out which Realms are sharing faces.


Correct. Your new project is to work out which Realms are sharing faces.[/quote]

And whose faces they are sharing.


Correct. Your new project is to work out which Realms are sharing faces.
And whose faces they are sharing.[/quote]

I blame Masen.

There are two orderings described on the Wiki.
The “Music of the Spheres” method of duing rituals, as invented and taught by Silutaris, puts them in the order (or cycle)
[ul]]Home-realm (corresponding to a major key)/:m]

The ritual “Align the Celestial Net” re-aligns a regio one or two steps in either direction around a slightly different cycle, with Summer and Autumn swapped: