Is there anything besides camping/larp gear we need to bring?

Hi! My girlfriend and myself shall be attending our first event (E4) next week and we’ve got our tents, costumes, weapons etc. sorted. We just wanted to check if there was anything else we needed to bring? Money seems like a logical answer, but is there anything else? On the site I see there is a ‘PID’. Should we make a note of that? Also is there physical tickets we need, or should the info on the system suffice? Thank you very much!


I’m sure others will answer with much more exhaustive lists than my own, but I can suggest a few things that might be of use!

  • Your PIDs are useful to know, and will be useful for people signing in your arrival too! There are no physical tickets, so don’t worry about that, and if you manage to forget your PIDs then don’t worry too much, they’ll be able to look them up for you. I’d recommend you make a note of them quickly though, because the servers will go just before the event is due to start

  • A bit of money is a good idea as you say - whether for food, or to purchase that sweet looking sword outside that vendor’s stall.

  • Talking of food, if you are planning on cooking - bringing that would be good too! If not, I’d still recommend you bring some snacks (nuts, fruits (fresh/dried), biscuits, whatever you fancy and wouldn’t be out of place). The stalls are plentiful and available, but having a few crackers or something to put in a pouch and nibble throughout the day can be great if you’ve just been running about!

  • Everyone always says it, so I will jump on the bandwagon - bring some extra pairs of socks too.

As I say, more capable folks will put together more capable lists than this - but nonetheless, I hope I was kind of helpful, and that you have a great first event!


Welcome along!

Yes, your Player ID is helpful. If you’ve pre-booked then your name will be on a list at the gate, but your PID will get you quick access to your character pack (containing useful stuff and resources) at GOD.

(As SpikyMango says, cash, cards, snacks and extra socks are always useful).

I would also reccomend sunscreen, wetwipes, a water bottle of some sort, and perhaps a drinking vessel of some sort. There are some vendors who stock some of these, but it’s often best to bring them yourself.

A watch. You can keep it under a cuff or in your pocket, but keeping track of the time is excellent.

Notebook and pencil, for keeping track of stuff in an IC fashion.

Oh, and a black-bin-bag or two. To tidy up after yourself and others: the site crew will appreciate it.

And finally, a map of your national camp. Even if you aren’t camping in-character, knowing where all the units are (in theory) will help orientate you in a sea of tents. This may be available on these forums or on the national Facebook page.

Good luck!


I can seriously second this - there are vendors that sell little pocket watches, but for sake of saving yourself a little cash, a watch in a pocket is an excellent solution. Lots of things aim to run at specific times and whilst a big army congregating is difficult to miss, other things might be missed out on otherwise!


I play a Sarvosan, so I have a little black book for reckonings. Page one is my PID and I aim to keep this around. If you write it clearly on a bit of paper, leave that in the front of the car in easy reach for when you arrive; your PID gets you onto the field so much faster than your name.

You might also want a spare weapon. You never know when a weapon will fail a weapons-check due to an accident or just the effects of heat/cold. Some weapons (cough Calimacil) can fail a check in the cold of morning, but pass in the heat of the afternoon.

Socks, sunscreen… The simple truth is that the weather shifts very, very fast:

  • It will get sunny; make sure you have loose clothing and sunscreen and water and a hat.
  • It will rain; take extra outfits, including socks.
    • You may be in knee-high mud; pack wellies or tall waterproof boots.
    • Assume that your tent may leak and leave an inch of water on the ground, bring something to raise you up off the ground, maybe some waterproof plastic boxes to keep extra and essential kit in.
  • It will get cold; take a warm cloak or two and extra layers. A good blanket fastened with a brooch will work.

Probably more pairs of socks than you have currently packed: you’ll almost certainly walk a lot and either damp or sweat will make you want a change of socks.

It will get very cool in the evenings. Some folks wear thermals under their costumes: those folks are wise.

Water bottles are good. Some for camp, some to carry around. Drinking water is big and clever, and once you’re at your tent there may not be a tap immediately nearby.


I swear by waterproof trousers under my kit trousers. It is rare that I wear fewer than three pairs of trousers in the evenings (thermals, waterproof trousers, kit trousers). The less crinkly they are the better, obvs.


A basic first aid kit (plasters, antiseptic wipes, etc) is a good idea. There are St Johns medics on site, but I hate troubling them for something simple like a plaster for a blister.


Money :smiley:

When you are there, you can pick up the last few cool bits - Notebook, IC pen/pencil, more pouches (you can never have enough pouches)
Theres an IC bar that takes real money… sometimes it’s nice to drink a non homebrewed beer
OC caterers… sometimes you just don’t have time to stay off-field enough to cook, or you can’t be arsed

You will forget something, it’s traditional.
Bring a couple of towels if you have space. If its a rainy one, it’s nice to have a dry towel back at the tent.
I’ll mirror Geoffrey - a roll of bin bags. For rubbish mainly, but I like to flatten one out just inside the tent to put muddy boots on, or to transport muddy kit home.

Honestly, I could go on… But just get yourselves there. worst case if you need something, there will usually be someone about nipping to Tesco, and if you have you own car, it’s only a 15 min drive.