Is this allowed?

I made this a while back when I had some free time on my hands and I was wondering if something like this was allowed in a skirmish. It’s basically a glove with 8 in 2 butted chainmail on it.

image file is too big so I had to upload it to imgur

Looks good but get it armour checked to make sure #notaref


I’ve seen someone using something similar on the field, but again you would need to get them checked.


k thnx guys

Looks to me (just another player) like perfectly valid and allowable medium or heavy armour (depending on whether it’s aluminium or steel), so long as it doesn’t have any potential sticking-out bits (hence the need to get it safety-checked, according to the standard armour-rules).

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its 14 gauge steel, they don’t have anything sticking out as it is just rings. thanks for the tip

The way that the refs check armour before the battle is to run their hands over it feeling for sharp edges.

So if you but those on, and then roll them over your face, and don’t end up lacerating yourself… you’re probably fine. :stuck_out_tongue: