Is this urizen


hi i found these and they look great, but i had a thought, is the blue more dawn than urizen
(select the blue options)



also, i plan on wearing it with this cloak
(again, select blue)



Yes, but I’d shop around for similar items. You’ve got the time, and that top one’s much cheaper to buy direct from
You could also order a custom robe in wool for about the same price.

You can get the “elven tunic” for less here:

If it’s got a brand name, it’s worth googling because lots of people will stock it. Vikingstore is peculiarly expensive.



I’d second the suggestion to look at Velvet Glove, you can get them to make semi-customised robes and tunics (as in you can designate colours and options) and their prices and quality are pretty good. Their robe, basic tunic/jacket and drawstring trousers are all pretty good Urizen kit.



I would give velvet glove as much time as possible. Ive ordered from them and had it delayed. The stuff they make is awesome and well made, but had issues collecting. (There may have been IRL health issues and the kit is absolutely bob on, made in house, so I don’t want to disparage)

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Thanks, so are they usable or are they too much dawn-like?



You could easily re-use them in Dawn with some more historical European style accessories like a chaperon hat and some obvious heraldry.

But those colours would work great in urizen. Especially if you go for a sash rather than just a belt, and maybe a stole. They’re cheap, you can even make them yourself, and they’ll look the part.

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thanks all, that is basically going to be my costume (with some velvet glove trousers) and again thanks for your time.



The Blue can certainly work in Urizen, (I wear a similar Blue Pallete myself). However I’d say a sash or other accessories would make it stand out more as Urizen. Alternatively anything you can get in light pastel colours could also help. Any kind of silk or similar may help. I bought a cheap silk scarf that I wrapped around over as a sash and I feel that helps.

There’s always a potential of cross over with Dawn and Urizen, espically with the Dark Blues. The way it tends to be is in Urizen is just one (sometimes two) strong colours (Red, Green, Blue), with the rest being much more pastel, lighter colours. Urizen also tend to use more silks and finer materials. Where as Dawn is more constant vibrant strong colours across, with less silks and finer materials.

Also I’d be weary of the cotton Cloak in the rain as it may take a while to dry, and also if it gets caught in the mud, so you may want to pull it up or shorten it if possible.

But overall I think it’d make a great soft kit, or base peices for Urizen. And you don’t need to worry about it being too Dawnish.



thanks, i will be waterproofing the cloak so that will sort out the rain problem, and it will be sewn or pinned at shin height (anvil cut), and the silk scarf is a great idea, again thanks for your time



Your original link comes in several suitably Urizen colours, but is quite a rough fabric which the wiki discourages. This may not be obvious from the photos. They are a really good bit of generic LARP kit though.



Ah, is that a massive problem, as in do I need to get something different?



Probably not. And especially not for your first character. I would explain it as “Anvil Wear”. Rougher and hardier fabrics as a base would be fine. I would accent it with the softer fabrics under/over it.



Remember that kit is aspirational. Don’t worry about perfection before you even hit the field - your kit will naturally evolve with use and character development.

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Yeah, thanks for all of your advice, I am going to use the kit that I have listed, and again, thanks for all your time.



Cool. I’d add one last bit of advice which is to spray the cloak and over-robe with Scotchguard, Nikwax or other waterproofing spray. It keeps the damp off a fair bit. I used a cloak made out the same Mytholon canvas for years after waterproofing it that way.

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Thanks, that was my idea, but thanks for your time



I would warn the viking store are notorious for slow delivery or cancelled orders (I’ve had 2 cancelled by them in the past few months), the robes are 'standard stuff, and you can get them elsewhere (look for somewhere that has then in stock…call before you order as well

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