Issues with a player from the US?

Hello there! I’m a American Larp player, and due to work/vacation I’m possibly going to be in GB for a few months. I was really interested in just going one time as a Brass Coast merchant or something similar. Is there going to be an issue IC with my accent as an northern American?

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Oh gosh no. One of our group - in the Brass Coast - is American. No issues. :slight_smile:

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If you have any specific queries about how things translate from one place to another - e.g. weapon standards, calls, whatever - ask away.

We had a one-off visitor from Australia last year and he did get caught out because his LRP weapon - which would have passed his home system’s weapons check - had to be modified to pass here. It was a beautiful looking thing, just wasn’t squidgy enough for us.

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Ohh nice, I just wasn’t sure if I should get my hopes up to play, if people were going to be weirded out by my voice. Good RP opportunity though. Did your group member bring it out RP wise or just rolled with it?

I can probably smuggle my costume and armor through customs, but id think id have a hard time getting a spear through… I’m guessing Empire has approved weapons for sale there.

We’ve just ignored it, in honesty (although people do occasionally mention it as a way of indicating which member of the Family they are looking for).

You could use a RP reason if you like. There aren’t any specific foreign powers that use a US accent though so it wouldn’t just be ‘I grew up in Sumaar’ or such.

Yeah, you can buy weapons here although I would caution to say they are not a cheap purchase (£50+). You may be able to borrow a weapon from other players as well.

Here’s a thought. Go shopping with a group or find someone in the Brass Coast also after a weapon, buy it new on site, sell it to them at a mark-down afterwards. Maybe with a rental agreement if you decide to come back again :slight_smile:

You could always buy a one cheap online, I suspect given the amount if time you are staying here you will have a base, so just get it delivered there.

Good idea. I usually run with a Spear/Bow combo, but that is with the system over on this side of the pond, so I’m not sure if it’ll translate well. I’ll start looking into character creation now that I know there wont be issues with my accent.

One of the Americans here. There have been some fun moments because of how I sound, but everyone is very nice about it. However, it makes you easy to identify on the field. “I am looking for the guy… he is wearing orange… slightly odd sounding voice…” “Oh, ya, he is over there.”
Look forward to seeing you on the field.
What systems do you play in the states?


Empire has stab safe spears which are interesting. A 7ft job is about 110 quid. I use a spear and love it. It’s 2 point for spear in the character creation system.
Bows cost about 10 quid an arrow and you can get a bow from £40. It’s 3 points. You can easily play that but you need to consider what you are doing with the bow while fighting with the spear as this can be a safety issue.

Quick Correction: Archery is 4pts.

Also, will confirm. Polearms are awesome and well worth trying. Most fun weapon to use ever. Quite a few of the Brass coast use one handed 6ft spears (Held in the middle) and Shields, like Greek Hoplites.

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Honestly we have people of so many accents at empire doubt anyone will take notice. So please be more than welcome to empire and have fun.

People are often happy to help by lending armour if it helps. Don’t know about getting weapons through would be easy

But yes easy enough to get all together for the game. they do sell weapons there and you could probably find someone at the end of the event that will want to buy a spear.

Hope tis helps.