Item upgrade between events

I have a magic item. It comes with a downside which means I NEED to help the closest hurt living being. I got it hallowed to let me see the wider picture so that I might be able to choose how to help the being.

It’s the second year I’ve done this combo and so far so good, but this time around I won’t be getting the updated hallow ribbon before E1 because I got it hallowed at Empire Day over the winter and I still have one more player event to go to before E1. The updated ribbon will not be attached at that event even though the details are in the system.

Do I:

Use the item as it was created?

Use the item as if it had the updated ribbon?

  1. For an official answer, email the rules address:

  2. You could ask for PD to post you the updated ribbon, if the details are in the system.

  3. Failing that, my unofficial inclination would be to use the item with the hallow it has. If you pass it to anyone else while doing this, make sure to give them a short but accurate summary of the roleplaying effect from the hallow.