It's a podcast!

The Podcast we recorded on Saturday morning is now live. It is not the Podcast you might have been expecting. It’s about value and why things have them. There’s food reasons for this, which the Boss explains at the start of part one. It kind of lays some groundwork for talking about diplomacy which we will get around to.

On the podcast we’re joined by Elinor Kershaw who some of you will know as Marta, the civil servant who organises the Imperial Bourse.

It’s in two parts, because there was a lot of it.

The first part is more general - about the role value, worth, and economics play in Empire and how they shape the nature of the game. You can listen to it here →

The second half is more specific - about trade, the bourse, inflation, monetary supply - only worth listening to if you really enjoyed the first one and want more Empire economics in your life, or if you work commute is really lacking in references to the California Gold Rush. You can hear it here →


Excellent cameo there by Ian there at the end of part 1 :smiley: