I've made a new Striding and I'm looking for other new Navarr players to join us!

So I’ve just created a new Navarr Striding called Farbound, and I’m hoping to find some other new Navarr players to join us (we’re also new)! So a very quick summary of our background is that we were originally a group who abandoned their Steading in Liathaven and ran into troubles while fleeing, we only survived because of good leadership and magic. Most of the group settled down to a new Steading, but some went on to create the Farbound Striding, and now they walk the trods gathering other people to join them and helping anyone in trouble like they were. If you’re interested, please send me a message!

If you’re from another nation then it would also be great to get to know some of you to meet up and maybe make some friends across the Empire.


Welcome to the forums Zeerick!

I wish you luck in building up a new group. You may also want to cross-post this in the Navarri forum and maybe the Navarr Facebook group as well.

In the meantime, would you like a contact in Dawn?


I’ve made posts on the facebook groups as well already.
Having a contact in Dawn would be great!

This event will be my first, but I’d love to join if you’ll have me!


That’s great, we’d love to have you! Do you have a facebook account so I can add you to our group? (you can private message me if you’d rather)