I've written up my backstory, how do I check it's okay?

I realise this is only my second post and yet it’s also the second time I’ve posted just before everyone leaves for the event. I have terrible timing when it comes to my questions :persevere:

I’m not expecting too many replies as I imagine everyone is rather busy, but I still feel I should ask here. I’ve just written up both my and my friend’s backstory and I was hoping to have it ‘fact checked’ by people more familiar with the world of Empire (and the nation of Dawn especially). I’d like to make sure that the locations are accurate and I haven’t gone against any in-world rules etc. Also, it’d be nice to know if it’s any good, or if it’s too cliched etc. What would be my best course of action for having my story checked? Thank you!

Have you emailed it to pd? They would be the definitive source for the info.

Other than that, the people here on the forum are well informed on the setting, so if you post it here we may be able to help


Thank you, I’ll look into emailing it to them! I wasn’t sure if that was allowed, or if it was reserved for more serious matters. Thank you again :smiley:

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The email address is backgrounds@profounddecisions.co.uk - but don’t expect a response for at least a week or two, as those that check that email will be in a field until Monday and then will probably need to recover!

Also, when you submit a background using the character creator, it will automatically get referred to the backgrounds team to check for any inconsistencies with the game world.

If you haven’t already, check the page on the wiki for some guidance.


Thank you! I have emailed it to them and I’ll add it to my character creator background section.

You know, you could also pass it to me for a quick check through. I’ve been playing in Dawn a while now, and may be able to point out anything too glaring before you announce it on the field…

I’ll be able to bounce it back to you by this evening, I suspect.

Private message or indeed drop it in this thread, and I’ll delete it after reading?

Sorry, I only saw this message now. I won’t be attending until E4, though, so I’ll PM it to you regardless as there isn’t much rush on my end. Thank you!

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