Joining a Marches group

My friend and I will be attending the summer solstice event and are creating characters that are part of the Marches nation, as such we are looking for a group that would be willing to accept us as members. We are both 18 and have not larped before but have some experience with rp.
Any replies welcomed

What sort of characters are you considering playing?

I will be playing a normal warrior (chain-mail, helmet, shield, sword) and my friend will be playing a doctor/medic

Have you joined the Marches Facebook group? Good place to start looking for groups to join:

Welcome to empire. If you can’t find a group before the event, talk to Jack, your egregore. She will introduce you to the movers and shakers.

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Any doctors/physiks are more than welcome to hang out at the Anvil hospital!

Hi Chrysos,
I can’t welcome you into the household, but I can shepherd you through your first event.
look me up, I’ll be on site from mid afternoon Friday.
Ask around for Hob Cullach.

Thank you for your help, we will remember to look for you

What is you IC Name?

My IC name will be Chrysos, I haven’t thought of a last name yet

That’s a bit of an odd choice.
You’ve read the Wiki notes on Names and the like?

Having read the wiki I will change my IC name, not sure what to yet. Thanks for the advice

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No Worries mate.
Having a good name will help you get into the nation’s game faster and deeper.

I will probably use the IC name Thomas as it seems that that will fit in better

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On a bit of a tangent, but as far as your kit goes, you might be able to borrow the heavier or more expensive kit off a group. if you’ve not already bought it. If you’re looking to buy chainmail, a sword and a shield, that’s a lot of cash up front.

Especially on weapons, it is usually better to go round stalls and have a bit of a play with several until you find one that suits you. The classic weapon for the Marches is a two-handed weapon or pole-arm, so it is often possible to borrow a spare one.

If you’re buying chainmail, be sure to get padding and a strong belt. At minimum, a padded collar and a belt at the waist will stop your shoulders hating you.

You can’t go wrong with Thomas.

And I’ll second Jim’s advice on Polearm. I can teach you how to be effective with a pole arm in 10 minutes.

Also will big up the pole arm. I’m from the league Merc group and we use a whole unit of them. They aee hands down the most fun weapon to use ever. If you poo round to the league camp we can let swing one and try. I’m not sure we have enough to lend though.

Thanks for all the suggestions for using a polearm. At the moment I have a one handed sword that I planned to use until I found out what was the more IC weapon to use, I will certainly like to try using a polearm as it’s what I was thinking​ of using to begin with but I found them to expensive to buy one before I had actually gone to a few events. However I would still prefer a single handed weapon as I have a shield, and have a small amount of experience dueling my brother with wooden swords, but if a marcher using a sword is frowned upon then I will rethink what I am doing at the moment. Thanks again for all your help.

Thank you for your reply, I had several people give similar advice and am thankful for the help. I would like to ask what is it like to be a merc? As it is something I think would be very interesting to try.

Marchers with swords and bucklers will find a home in the Beaters, the skirmishy Marchers on the field who classically use bows but need folk to protect them.

If you want to borrow a polearm to try it out ask around in the Marches, but also don’t feel that swords are banned in the Marches because they aren’t.

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