Joining Dawn, time before nobility

Hello, im going to be making the change over to Dawn at E4 this year, ive talked OC with the house i wish to join and we are looking forward to it. However i was curious for those who have transferred to dawn from other nations in the past, how long do people usually stay a yeofolk before requesting a test of mettle? do people tend to serve for a while before asking or do they tend to ask straight away? i know its a personal prefference and decision however i was just curious what people usually do in the past

For established characters, I seem to recall that quite a lot request a test pretty quickly. Those who want to play as a yeofolk generally seem to start a new yeofolk character.

I have also the example of my House leader, who immigrated from the League and wanted to stay in charge of those he brought with him. So he wanted to go from foreignor to Earl in one step. For this he asked a test of the Earls council. The others in his unit, however, asked for tests after an event or two.

I would suggest giving it on event after switching nations to get used to things before asking for a Test of Mettle, and maybe discussing the details of it OOC first.


Typically it depends on reason, often those joining for Love, the test of mettle often follows almost immediately after actually joining, because a good test of mettle, test of ardour combination takes a considerable amount of time as it is.

Same for those tending to start new groups, at least one or two push immediately, on the other hand the yeofolk game is an interesting part of Dawn and some people don’t rush out of it.