Joining the Militia

Ok so. I’m a relatively new player and love the sound of the militia! At, hopefully, my next event I’d really like to try and join but before I do I just have a couple questions for any militia members or just those who know about it in general.

Can you only join and do things at events? Is it all strictly IC or can you talk and make decisions outside of events?

What are the baseline requirements for joining? Do we have to have an inside out knowledge of Imperial Law or is it more learn as you go along

How much commitment is required? Is it an all day all event type job or is it an hour or two each day, possibly more, possibly less?

If anything I asked about is easy to find on the wiki, call me an idiot and I’ll have another look! Thank you!

Equally keen newish player has all the same questions as above!

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Welcome along to the game, and the forums :slight_smile:

I don’t have a great deal of experience with the Militia (not a member myself), but here’s some vague answers… (I suspect someone who plays in the Militia will be along shortly)…

Most stuff happens at the events. Mostly at the big 4 meetings over summer, and perhaps a little at the smaller “sanctioned” player-run events over the winter. The organisers do not want this game run online, although there’s a little leeway for logistics, character discussion, and indeed sending in-game post.

At the events, most of the day is Time-In (IC), but you could certainly chat and ask questions outside of that, and people often go out-of-character to clarify something, have a quick chat, or indeed nip “off-stage” for a coffee etc.

I suspect that the baseline for joining is enthusiasm and a general knowledge of Imperial law. And that you’ll end up learning a lot more of it on the job.

At a guess, you’ll have a shift system, so you may be “on-call” for several hours a day. I’d guess a shift of 2 or 3 hours, depending on how many Militia there are available.

I’d also clarify that the Militia is an in-game organisation, but not a nation in itself. So of course you’ll need a nation and probably a group as well. Which is why they won’t want you full time.

Have you two booked for the next event? Because discount codes are available if not :slight_smile:

I can’t answer most of those, but (in line with all other official roles) you can only join at a main event. It will be a IC role, with no downtime discussions or actions.

I would assume that the more knowledge you have of the law the better, but that you would be be expected to have perfect knowledge and there will be people you can ask for clarifications from at events. In particular, knowledge of when/how you can restrain people, when you can throw people out of a camp, when you can legally attack someone would be fairly essential.

As an Ex Militia.

Yes actually joining is IC, you can email PD beforehand if you have any OC worries or questions.

To join you have to be a citizen of the Empire… so a player, any player can join.

You have to be available for duty for a decent chunk of your time at an event. Exactly how much is flexible.

And more…

When I say ‘can join’, any citizen can apply to join.

An important point is you can be totally non com. The Militia primarily investigate crimes, they aren’t guards or enforcers.
The Militia is, for good game-design reasons, overseen by the NPC magistrates. This is unusual in Empire where PC’s generally get the top jobs and the NPC’s assist. So if you want to be a bit dodgy, be subtle. If you look like bad news you won’t get in.

For the best chance of getting in;
read through the law now, it’s on the Wiki.
Turn up at the hub on Friday evening, ask to see a magistrate then ask whoever responds if you can join.
You may well be asked to come back later, be punctual.

If you really want in, and you don’t pass the first interview. Get to know a militia officer, help them with cases, get known by the Magistrates, then ask again at a later event.


I’m not militia but am their embedded reporter.

Mark’s advice is absolutely spot on though the assessment process has changed since his day and there are a few practical tests as well as an interview (more an informal chat than a real world job interview).

Geoffrey’s guess about a shift system isn’t correct. You won’t be expected to be on duty 24/7 and no-one expects you to sacrifice fun for a volunteered job. However, if you’re allocated a case, you’d be expected to work it and if you’re not pulling your weight, there would be IC questions to answer. A lot of the work is walking round Anvil looking for people and there’s no reason you can’t do personal business at the same time.

There are Militia meetings at 2pm and 7pm (iirc) and most of the established officers pop in and out of the Hub during the day to check in.

It’s good to have a strong working knowledge of the law but the Magistrates are the ones expected to be experts and they are always around for advice. Have a read up and know the outline, the rest will come as you gain experience.

On a personal note, I love hanging round with the Magistrates and Militia and think they are a great bunch of people. There’s a real camaraderie and they work well as a team. They’re all super lovely OC even if some are grumpy IC so come and have a chat!


Hi I play one of the W/O’s in the Militia, pretty much everything that needs to be said has been said but do feel free to ask any specific questions and I’ll answer you best I can but other than that-

turn up at the Hub some time in the field and say ‘Hello i’d like to join the militia please’. at which point we’ll congratulate you on your sense of justice and fairness* and take it from there.

*laugh at your terrible life choices.

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I think I wouldn’t even mind 24/7 working for the Militia! It sounds really fun

I imagine I’ll probably be a young and driven member who tries to work hard and bring justice whilst being surrounded by grumpy older members who know what I do doesn’t make much of a difference!

Oh btw, what are the types of cases you do? Is it just general once off crimes or are there sometimes big connections and massive cases that lots of people are involved in?

Both. there are all sorts of things that happen at anvil. a lot of it is theft (which we cant do much about because it’s very difficult to investigate, and largely involves telling people to be more Vigilant.) assault and the occasional murder. there’s a fair bit of gray area in the law so you often investigate to see if a crime has been committed. I spend 8 hours last event just investigating and verifying that a crime HADN’T been committed. generally you don’t get tons of connected cases because that requires criminal organisations and criminal organisations are either, 1 so rubbish we find them out and sort it immediately, or 2. so good we never hear about them.

Who knows what criminal organisations are going on in the depths of Anvil, so good nobody knows about em XD

By the way, is this understanding of the legal process more or less right? Magistrates are judges, members of the militia are the police and priests act like lawyers who convicts turn to in their time of need.

Sort of. The major differences are that:

-Magistrates operate, well like actual magistrates, not like the the more commonly seen judges of the higher courts. They are finders of fact as well as of law, the empire uses exclusively Bench trials rather than jury trials. It is not an adversarial system, familiar from British and american tv, but rather the magistrate questions witnesses, observes evidence and in general considers testimony then makes their decision.

-Priests are not lawyers, they don’t argue for the innocence of the person on trial. Rather they have a specific role in that there is a very particular religious defence that of ‘Virtuous Action’. The argument is effectively that the act was illegal, and known to be illegal, but that it was undertaken as the only way for the person to uphold their virtue.