Joining Urizen community?

Hello, how would one go about joining the Urizen community?

Some camps enjoy a walk in, ask around and join - from what Im reading anyways. What would be a good way to take part in Urizen as a nation?

Is it best to join a spire? If so, how does one go about that?

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Best bet is to join the Urizen Facebook group here

Urizen is the same as most Nations to join, (just remember we like our personal space) I joined them by having some friends as part of the spire and joined them. There is a spire list on the FB group and notes on if they’re recruiting or not. Alternatively just walk around and talk to people, there’s a few big tents/groups in Urizen, Pheonixs Reach, Auric Hoirzon, and Endmeet (which is also a tea house) and most of the time you are welcome in them (obivously check with the people inside first and don’t just go in if its shut/empty) but most of the time these tents are open and welcoming of new people.

I found Urizen to be very welcoming to new players- being one of the smaller nations you’ll definitely get noticed. It might be a good idea to get to site on the Thursday and have a chat with people Thursday night, you might well get asked to guest with a spire or citadel…

It’s fine to join a Spire in play, seek out a Spire group before play and get to know them OC, or to just go it alone as best you can! Urizen is a friendly nation and, especially if you’re a magician, you’ll find various groups very eager to snap you up.

What sort of thing do you want to do during the game? Military, combat, trading, magic, politics, religion, etc etc?

My wife wants to do.magic, maybe spring magic as that one looks closest to a healer and Im interested in being martial based - no access to magic but still possessing knowledge of it is the idea.

I wouldnt be able to make it for thursday e4 I dont think and e3 I cant attend. I think friday morning at the earliest.

Can one rent sleeping space in tents in empire larp or do you have to bring your own btw?

Bring your own sleeping tent, there are a few tent rentals but they tend to go at the start of the year.

If first time an OOC lightweight tent is much easier to sort than trying to find something that fits the IC rules if you don’t already have the canvas.

Phoenix Reach and Netherwatch might be good Spires to look at based on what you’ve written there…

Netherwatch best spire, we do spring and day magic so more than happy to talk about that
And we have a few no-mages in our spire but they still go out and fight, honestly just come up and talk to people were all super friendly