June Event Cancellation

Sadly we’re forced to once again bow to the inevitable and announce the cancellation of the forthcoming June event. Although the wider situation does appear to be steadily improving, we’re still some months away from being able to run an event safely. That means there is just no chance of the June event going ahead.

As with the previous event - if you had an adult player ticket for the second event then we have converted it into an open ticket (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Open_tickets). This means that the ticket will remain on your account indefinitely - and can be used at any time to book for any event and there will be no charge, provided you book the event online.

All other bookings have been cancelled and the associated charges removed from your Empire account. This should only affect traders and children - the cost for those tickets has been refunded to your account so you can use that to purchase a new ticket at any time. There is a small chance that a few parents may lose out if their child moves into an older ticket bracket when they come to book replacement tickets. If that’s the case, then just email us and we’ll refund the difference. We’re determined to honour the original ticket prices paid by all our players when we do manage to run an event.

We’ve taken this approach to minimise the administrative burden; if you’re happy to have an open ticket then there is nothing further that you need to do. You’ll be able to use that ticket at any point in the future to book for any event - or you can even give it to a friend if you wish. If you need a refund for any reason - then please do contact us by emailing us with your name and details and we will sort you out. If you include your bank account number and sort code then we can process your refund very quickly.

I want to thank everyone for the amazing help that we’ve had over the last year since the pandemic began. I feel incredibly fortunate and privileged that we have enjoyed such astonishing levels of support - words really can’t express how grateful I am. We’re absolutely determined to repay your faith by putting on the very best event we can as soon as conditions allow.

As per previous updates, we will continue to “freeze” in-character time. That means that the first event that we run in 2021 will still be the forthcoming Winter Solstice.

Winter is coming!

Matthew Pennington,

Profound Decisions.


  • Due to coronavirus, we are very sorry but we have to cancel the next event. There simply is no other option.

  • If you booked the event, your ticket has been converted to an open ticket - you can use it for any event in the future.