Just a little help with costume needed

Hello, so I’m very new to LARP and hopefully will be attending my first event in April. I’m going to joining Nivarr, as a battle mage focused on healing. And so i need to make some mage armour.
I’m going to get some gold pens to inscribe some runes on my bracers. But I’m undecided which runes to draw on them. I don’t mind if it’s 1 or lots.
Any advice or ideas as to which runes I should use???

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The Empire has a set of runes that are widely used (but more common in some nations than others) - you can find info about them here:

You might also want to check out the Navarr Hearth Magic page:

The creation and tracing of complex designs has a magical resonance for the Navarr. At its most basic, it is found in the concept of map-making - of creating designs that mirror the world - and in journeys along paths and roads. A complex design represents a journey, but it can also represents the idea of permanence.



Wintermark styled runes on armour are rare and more often that not Navarri armour is decorated with intricate patterns of the Navarr thorns often tracing out their own journey through the Great Dance.

(This doesn’t mean you can’t use runes of course!)


Have you considered some Celtic knot-work? An endless looping path sounds like a very Navarri design…

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You have to be careful with knot-work - the Navarr look and feel page specifically says that Celtic knot-work is less suitable for decoration.


oooh thank you. I had read the wiki about runes and stuff but forgot about the Nivarr influence. Thank you soo much.