Just in case

Hey Citizens,

So my plans to attend the event were placed in turmoil due to my wife’s new work commitments and the inability to get some support with childcare.
Bringing all 5 boys who all need new costume wasn’t a financial option so I’ll be coming Saturday tea time instead.

That being said, if anyone needs anything bringing/picking up from a Tesco etc please get in touch and I’ll make an effort to help you out.

I’ve been in the field before and realised we needed some bits and it seems as though I have an opportunity to help anyone out if required.

Enjoy Friday and Saturday morning and hope to see you all soon

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Adding to that, if anyone has an old Wintermark tunic (size L/XL) they are looking to sell please let me know.
If not I’ll try buy a new one in the field

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Try Das Shoppe, she does pre-loved kit for trade ins as well as money.

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