Just out of interest🤔 how big are the different nations?

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Just wondering as a new player, roughly how big ( Number of players) are the different nations of the Empire?

It’s difficult to gauge because you see a lot of online media about Dawn, Wintermark and Navarr, as a new player you sometimes assume the other nations must be tiny.

Also does anyone know if there’s any YouTube videos or podcasts talking about the Brass coast?

Thanks for all the help!

You can dig up some information based on the force wieghts (battlefield presence) of the nations, but this can be misleading (as about 60% of Dawn goes to battle, compared to about 30% of the Brass Coast…in my impression).

From memory…
Imperial Orcs 50
Varushka, Urizen, 100 each
League, Marches, Brass Coast, Highguard 200 each
Navarr, Dawn 300 or so
Wintermark 500

That comes out at 2150 players, so I may have overestimated a few :slight_smile:

(goes and looks for Brass Coast videos… no, I can’t find much. Costume guides is about it…)

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Yeah that roughly what the numbers are from last time but with everyone who’s been keen to come to the next one I honestly have no idea how that’s going to shake out next time :grin:.

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League is a little hard to judge because half the fighters are mercenaries, which means that they might be showing up against another nation’s force weight. A good map of the field with nation camps marked might give an idea of physical sizes of the nations, though Navarr and Orcs live in a forest / marsh and so their camp looks bigger than it really is.

Thank you very much this is fantastic info!
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Yes I think everything is up in the air, thanks for the reply.
Thanks, Violet

Thanks for the idea I’ll deafly go and have a look at the map, it’s so difficult to Think of the scale of the empire events. Really looking forward to joining you guys sometime soon .
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These links were really helpful thank you ever so much!!! I’m really hoping to join the brass coast soon and the Wiki can be a little bit dry at times. Best wishes and thanks for the help,

Your ratios are about right. For the actual numbers, there are several ways to count this and they will all give different results - in particular, whether you count crew who have characters makes a big difference.

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Here is a map of the field I’ve made for an IC newspaper, next to a googlemaps view of the site at the same size. It’s not perfect, and the exact layout of Anvil can vary between each event. I couldn’t tell you exactly which event this map was made for, but it’s a good approximation of nation size and location over the last year of events. If you want to view the site on google maps to get a better idea of scale, here is a link.


Im not sure field area will be too accurate as its based on IC tents rather than players and they vary a lot in density between nations too, that said it doesn’t seem too far off the mark actually :smiley: