Kit donations

I’m having a spring clean and trying to reduce the size of my LARP cupboard, at least to fit it into a single room. I seem to recall an event called the Great Unburdening which was a kind of IC freecycle? Like a display of prosperity/charity? Or was that specifically a Navarr at Event 2 thing?

What’s the best way of getting spare costume into the hands of new players? I remember being given a few choice pieces when I was starting out and it’s time I repay the favour.

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You can bring it to me at lost property in GOD. I do a general freecycle of stuff I’ve had for a year on the last day of each event. It’s not uncommon for people to gift extra things to this. This goes to whoever’s lucky enough to be in earshot when I decide it’s time.

If you want it to go specifically to new players I can do a separate one, but you’d need to get it to me before the new player brief (4pm Friday), so that an announcement can be made there.

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Thank you. In that case I am going to do just that. I would prefer it go to new players but honestly anyone who’ll get use out of it is fine. It has the potential to be quite a bit of stuff, including a large canvas kit bag and two polearms.

I’ll make sure everything is setting-appropriate - that it matches at least one Imperial or Barbarian nation - and any weapons and armour seem in safe condition (obviously they’ll still need to be checked before use).

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No problem. Please make sure you speak to me when you drop it off - otherwise it risks disappearing into my hoard for another year.

Don’t worry about this. Anything you think some LARPer may be able to make use of is welcome. There’s often as much OOC clothing and camping gear as “LARP Kit”.

Obviously, all this applies equally to anyone else who wants rid of excess kit.


Dude you are one extremely virtuous gentleman and hat off to ya fella. I wont take anything due to been doing this a long time.

Its better for it to go to new player base I reckon stuff that’s free cycled. help them to get in the hobby

“Charity is false, the right to achievement cannot be given to another.”

No, wait. That was another game.

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