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I’m new to Empire and used to Lrp ages ago when I was much younger. I’m looking forward to coming back to playing and have a character idea but I’m not sure if it will work.

I’m thinking of playing a Knight Errant who’s father was a shamed noble, my idea is that my character is trying to prove to himself more than anyone else that he is worth the Test of Mettle and all it entails to bring honour back to his family in some way or another.

Would this work or?

In advice is appreciated!



Yes this definitely works! There’s a few interesting ways to do this idea:

  1. The father who failed or never managed to finish his Test of Mettle

  2. Illegitimate child.

  3. is the harder one but possibly the more rewarding. Try reading through to get some ideas. Particularly note the third and fifth paragraphs. This is an epic style story to clear your family’s name and you are likely to get people on both sides.

  4. is easier to overcome the shame of but more common, someone who failed rather than dying gloriously. This feels like it would be more of a personal issue to prove your father was good enough rather than nobles looking down on the entire family like in 2) if that makes sense?

Feel free to ask more questions to clarify if you’d like. :slight_smile:

I do like the thought of the second point more I think. So my next question will be. If I play the son of two nobles that left to fall in love as their child could I return to Dawn in hopes of finding Glory and Renown even though I came from a shamed family? I don’t want to play a character that wont fit the setting.

I will say this though, Empire seems a lot more focused on the actual RP which is a nice change!

Starting of with a general piece of advice I’d try to talk to an in play house, to try to arrange at least one of your parents be connected to a group in play. Firstly since I presume you want some IC conflict from the concept, secondly it will allow your background to come out in play without you always having to be the one to bring it up. Thirdly it feels more emotionally interesting to test into a house that has a personal connection to your parents shame, than another house that might not really care.

That being said there aren’t many groups that post here, so if you want to talk to people from other noble houses you might want to check out Empire LRP: Dawn on facebook
also this document might help, … ble_houses

Throwing it out there as Estantia had forgotten one
3) The third option would be to have a father who failed a test of resolve, this would mean your father had been stripped of his nobility. This would probably be the clearest way to do disgraced noble in Dawn.

On illegitimate child route though, empire is generally a meritocracy, to some degree who your parents were matters very little. Aside from “they are never permitted to join their mother’s house” which I’m not quite sure whether it would apply to tests of mettle later in life, or it is simply that illegitimate children are sent to be raised by yeomen.

  1. One of you Parents was married
  2. Strong tensions between the two houses *
  3. They were house siblings *

Now 1) would be simplest, both 2 and 3 are technically resolvable, through other tests although that doesn’t mean no-one has ever took the simple way out.
You could theoretically combine 1 and 2, so due to strong tensions between houses on of your parents ended up in a marriage they didn’t favour so both parents ran off together.

Other thoughts joining a nation effectively is exposing yourself to low level constant mind control to be more like the culture, over time your parents will have shifted to be less and less Dawnish, and have more Pride in their new nation, and also if they felt like they had to leave for love they might not have the best memories of Dawn
So why are you abandoning your home, your friends and family to try to seek a position in the nation that cast off your parents? (question intended to provoke thought, not discourage)

Which nation did your parents flee too? (Now I’d probably try to work out your parents houses first since it might influence this)

Hm a very good point. I didn’t really want to throw a connection out to an already established house as I am quite new to Empire and its system and wouldn’t want any mistakes I make to fall back on another player or the like.

I do appreciate your advice and it has given me food for thought to flesh out the character more so, And I understand your meaning of “Why would he return to Dawn” I’ll have a think on it though.

Any further advice or help is very much appreciated though guys and thank you two!

Test of Resolve is probably the best one IMHO.

I love your concept - I think we need to play up to a lot more of what is not socially acceptable behaviour in Dawn. Breaking social rules is no fun if nobody is ever called out on it. The one thing to be careful of is why is it your father? Dawn is a strictly gender-neutral in terms of family dynamics, shame being brought on your father is just as bad as the same shame on your mother. Picking a parent at random is fine but my reading between the lines there is you saw fathers as carrying the family name and honour which isn’t really how Dawn works. Noble family names and reputations don’t (automatically) pass through bloodlines at all.

Why you would return - to restore the good name of someone you are loyal to seems good enough to me.

Just to add a slight variant on what others have suggested: what if rather than being the son of a shamed noble, you are a shamed noble yourself?

Something like this: as a young yeoman you asked for, received and passed a test of mettle. You were happily a noble of that house for a few years until you did something shameful. Your Earl set you a test of resolve, which you failed and so they kicked you out of their house. You couldn’t bear to leave Dawn, so you skulked around one of Dawnish territories for a few years as a yeoman. Now, you feel ready to make a comeback.

Read the last part of the Test of Resolve section

Does that sound like the kind of game you’re looking for? It isn’t explicit whether you can rejoin the house you were forced to leave, and I hope “such tests are fatally difficult” isn’t quite true. If you are old enough, maybe the Earl of your old house has changed in the years between your disgrace and the present, and your former sibling might be kinder than the old Earl.

Being a yeoman in Dawn during your years since the disgrace limits the effects of another nations culture bleeding through. Many Dawnish yeomen never ask for a test of mettle.

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