Know your Egregores

Here’s some useful info from Clare Evans, the head of the player support team:

Each nation has at least one egregore. These are members of PD crew playing a character in the nation. The egregore is the host of the egregore spirit and embodies what it is to be of their nation in dress and attitude. They aren’t the nations leaders and don’t make decisions for the nation but are there to advise and help.

They are also someone for you to go and talk to to help you meet people and get involved and to answer questions for you. Please go to them and let them help if you!

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask people if they know who they are and can point them out to you.

If they are deep in role play and you want to ask them something out of character just let them know you want to speak to them in a minute and they’ll be with you as soon as they can. Obviously if it’s an emergancy and you require first aid or security don’t wait!

They all wear a radio and I’m on the other end of it. I’m happy to come and chat with you and help too. They can call me for you.

This wiki page talks about them and has photos of most of them. Click the links to take you to specific national egregore pages.

At E1 we have a slight alteration with one usual and one temporary egregore standing in and the Imperial orcs also having a stand in. I’m sure they will make themselves known!