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Hiya all,

I’m thinking of making myself some Lamellar armour and was wondering which style of plates people would recommend. The most common seem to be A and D plates, but I’ve seen some others as well. Also I’m assuming that to count as heavy armour I would have to make the plates out of steel/iron, which I can then paint if I so wish?

Also where would people recommend I buy plates from? I had thought about making them myself, but that may be a little to much.

I’ve watched a bunch of youtube videos and I’m going to get a couple of Lamellar related books out of my library (an advantage of working for a big academic library). However I’m also welcome to any other pointers and words of wisdom people can offer.

Best wishes!

Yes, to be heavy armour it needs to be iron or steel. Maybe bronze?

And yes, you can paint it. There’s some lovely examples of painted armour on the field, and of course, it also helps prevent rust.

As for construction and style, I can’t comment, although even if you make something in not quite the right style, a covering of some sort is fine.

I suspect some of the more armoursmith kitmakers will be along to answer your other questions shortly, i just wear the stuff :slight_smile:

What nation are you? I think that would determine the kind of style that it is in and the colour you paint it. Remember it doesn’t have to be visible for the armour to count, as long as it is covering the torso and two other parts of the body so if it doesn’t come out how you want it to, you can always hide it under clothes.

If bronze is anything like brass in weight, it’s heavy. I’ve seen a fair bit of brass in play, counts as heavy.

Thanks for all the responses so far!

I’m Navarr, so I’m probably going to paint it dark green. For character reasons I may add a very light light spray fade of purple to it as well or use purple thonging to tie the plates together.

I’m mainly wondering if a particular shape of plate is more comfortable/superior. If they are much the same I’ll probably go for D plates as they seem a little cheaper to get hold of in the numbers required.

Yeah dark green could work or brown. With Navarr, I feel that you don’t want to have such a ridged, uniform look. At a glance, A plates do this better. It can be easy to look at D plates and think they are rectangles, however if you paint the D plates correctly, I feel that there shape will be come out and so will look better than the A plates. This means how you paint them will be important. If you are having a singular solid colour than maybe go for the A plates but if you are willing to spend some time on it, you could vary the colours and add detail. You should also look at the direction of each layer for D plates. If they all go the same way, again, it will be easier for them to appear square but if one layer goes one way and the layer underneath goes the other, it should be fine. If you really wanted to you could use D plates for the body and then A plates for the arms and go for an almost tree look.

(I thought I’d mention that I have no idea which would be more comfortable. I believe the D plates are cheaper as they are easier to make, there should be little difference between the two other than aesthetics)

Yeah I think I’ll go for D plates with rows that face in alternating ways. I will probably also try to make some kind of differing pattern with the paint job.

Thanks so much for your advice. :slight_smile:

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No problem. Good luck with it, I hope it turns out well.

I’d say be careful to make it not look Varushkan- although if you end up painting it green I reckon you’d be fine.

I’m a bit confused about the inclusion of purple, as it’s very much not a Navarr colour, but I suppose there can be reasons for it. Just make sure it’s not a main body of your colour scheme, and it should be fine.