How does the Fleet of a Citizen from a from a landlocked Nation work?

I was assuming that my ship (representing my Fleet) was sailing out of Semmerholm, but it can’t be, because although Semmerholm isn’t physically landlocked the only route is via the Barren Sea, which can’t be navigated… Because Barbarians.

So my ship must be sailing out of another Nation’s port. Is this correct? Which ports are the most popular, in terms of shipping from other Nations?

But maybe airships :wink:

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#NotARef but I believe that ships are “registered” to a particular territory for the purpose of the Civil Service, but in practice they sail around in the ocean, and use whichever Imperial port you want them too during downtime.

It seems a more logical to choose a territory with a coast to be registered in, and you’re more likely to benefit from naval Great Works like this one: … _Shipyards

The River Gancio appears to be navigable all the way up to Seren in Navar or the Castle of Thorns in Dawn. A Marcher fleet could be based out of Tassato as they are practically neighbours, but it more likely to be based out of Meade

Brass Coast, Highguard, Urizen and the League all have obvious coastal cities. Wintermark has Fisk in Kallavesa. So that leaves Varushka. To the best of my knowledge, there hasn’t been an explicit ref call about whether the Barren Sea connects to the open ocean, but the description does say “estuary” to me and the Druj are notoriously bad sailors so the journey could be risky, but possible. However, there are no ports described in the write-up for Karsk

Fleets need a home port because if that region gets invaded by Barbarians production is halved.

The Gancio may be navigable up to the Castle of Thorns, but then there is a bridge at Rodez, and possibly one (or the remains of one) at Seren. Any ship with a shallow keel (to navigate a river) and a stepped mast (to pass under bridges) is going to be a liability at sea.

The problem vanishes if the Semmerlak to Barren Sea to the ocean route is viable. Which it may be. The Semmerlak page appears to still be under construction, and the bit I read about not being able to sail through the Barren Sea seems to have disappeared.
(Oops, got curious when the Semmerlak Druj updates appeared).

It also means I don’t have to pretend that I never mentioned sailing through the Barren Sea, or the fact that Barbarians use your ship for catapult target practice if you sail too close to shore.

So… Can you sail through the Barren Sea?

There was yesterday (well not a ref call but an update to the wiki in the new Semmerlak section.)

Which I find somewhat amusing since I know of at least 5 Dawnish fleets who have been claiming to sail that very route on a regular basis. Still there seems to be no geographical reason that stops it.
Which does beg the question, since Lacre is definitely a port of how a fleet on the Semmerlak should best be represented as a resource (if it can’t do any of the things fleets actually do.) - Of which mana site seems to be the most entertaining option, considering the new section makes it abundantly clear the lake is very magical.

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[quote=“Cayce”]Fleets need a home port because if that region gets invaded by Barbarians production is halved.

Actually, Fleets and Military units specifically don’t take that penalty.

Fleets and military units are essentially considered to be based out of whatever territory you live in, as that’s where you can give your commands from, but they don’t really spend much time there.

e.g. if you have a fleet in the brass coast, and you live in Madruga, you can benefit from the docks because you’re available to do so. If you’re living in Segura, you might choose to have your sailors still dock up in Madruga, but you can’t really interface with the dockhands to profit from it.

Of course, Fleets and MUs still take a penalty if you’re not of the same nation as the people who you’re employing in them.

I’ve edited the Semmerlak page.

That said, however, I think the assumption that the Barren Sea links to the ocean is a bit of a leap. I don’t think at the moment that ships sail from Semmerlak to the rest of the world but I suggest anyone interested should e-mail for an official response.

We mostly just handwave fleets. Even if you are blithely sailing through Druj territory to get to Asavea, that doesn’t mean you have the slightest idea about what is along the river, how long it is, or where it comes out …

"Personal resources have broad generic names that imply a whole category of possible options. Like income, it is up to the player to interpret the precise nature of their personal resource in a way that is appropriate to the setting and their character."

Given some of the distances involved I have been assuming that they are like cartels based within the characters home nation and use long stretches of overland caravan where needed to reach the foriegn trade ports…

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I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Player interpretation seems to have been overtaken by Wiki updates. :slight_smile:

I will email plot. Is anyone else interested in the outcome?

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I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Player interpretation seems to have been overtaken by Wiki updates. :slight_smile:

I will email plot. Is anyone else interested in the outcome?[/quote]

Very much so!

It’s Dawn if there’s a possibility that your character can get to the sea by sailing through enemy territory and a inland sea filled with armoured fish. Why wouldn’t you take that option?

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I have a reply!

The route goes out to sea through Druj lands.

A fleet captained by a PC can manage it.

We should continue to roleplay that it is dangerous. (And glorious.)

Remember though - if anyone asks you for any details about the route you have to change the subject.

“You don’t know man … you weren’t there”

What’s on the route? Well, the banks are kinda not very passable and occasionally humanoids throw spears at you from the banks. You’re likely too busy fighting off the armoured fish and giant sea scorpions to be able to find the small barren stony field.