Larp and combat


I personally found that people missed with most shots. There are very few archers that would probably be good enough to be consistent but maybe there are more than I know of. If they are a good shot then I would agree with point two, that it would be better for them to pick targets instead have a volley of arrows.

Point three was especially helpful to me. I have very little experience with bows so I wouldn’t be able to say what one would do to armour so thank you for that information. I thought it would be best to include my opinions of the bow just to so what I had was a little bit more complete and so I could check my understanding against other people’s Out of curiosity, how many people would be able to use a war bow?

Do you think it would be a better idea to edit this into what I have said or just keep your updated information down here for people to find?

Thank you for your response.

Also was this an archery pun:

the conclusions you draw here


Was that why everything went wrong? I heard that the empire didn’t do to well that day and lots of lives were lost.


I just realised you are a ranged combatant. I hope you didn’t think I was saying you are a bad shot, I was just saying that most of the shots fired at me while I was the big, screaming orc, missed, though some of them did hit me. I understand that archers can be absolutely devastating on the battle field but you need enough of them and not too many people decide to become an archer at empire so each shot counts even more.


I’ve held off an advancing wave of orcs with me and one other archer. We each had one arrow (though the orcs didn’t know that). The fear of Impale is such that crowd control is a legit use of a bow in some circumstances.

And yeah, being just behind a shield wall and taking specific, targetted shots will also create disruption. Even if those fighters are immediately dragged to a healer and their lives are never in question it still means healers are tied up, the line has to adapt, and sometimes one person going down can create the opening that your own line needed to break through.

I’m not a particularly good archer (and I’m currently non-com so don’t get to practice!), but I felt more interesting and useful than a standard sword and shield fighter.


We had one battle near the start of Empire with a good fully armoured 20 + person shield wall and one archer behind. The shield wall had been trained that a tap on the pauldron meant drop to one knee for the archer, and as soon as they had fired stand up again.

The archer killed 17 orcs, and I believe the rest of the shield wall for our group got 3 between them. Most of the orcs didn’t want to engage the shield wall, so went off to the flanks,and the few that stayed picked what they thought was a safe distance for taunting. It wasn’t.


The pun wasn’t intentional, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think your sample may be biased, and doesn’t necessarily tell us a lot. How far away were the archers shooting at you, how were you armed, and how armoured? All of these are factors that influence who is going to shoot at you.

One of the joys of being an archer is that you can practice by yourself. Just set up a target, and start shooting at it until you can hit it consistently at 10m.

The thing about volley shooting is that you are effectively using a large number of archers to cause a quite small number of wounds, while not building good habits which will make you a better archer.


I could write a book on how to be effective archer. Thankfully, a friend of mine already has, here, and I agree with Almost All of it:


From about 5m (when I was behind a tree) to maybe 25m. I had a sword and I was wearing medium armour so the only thing I had on my side was speed. I’m not a particularly small person so I think I would be quite easy to hit, but you are probably right about my bias. I will but a note in my post directing people down here. Thank you for your help.


Yeah, what I’m hearing here is that you were not a priority target. My priority list roughly goes: Other archers, polearms, mages, anyone else I don’t think the melee can deal with. I might take a shot at you if you were inciting a charge or similar, or if I have spare bolts and nothing better to shoot at. :wink:


Ah okay, that makes sense. I thought I was more of a target because of how annoying I was being and all the taunting I was doing but what you have said makes sense.


Archers are also worth their weight in gold on skirmishes, where numbers are extremely important, and where opponents have far less chance to pick people up, there are less healers around, etc etc.


Wintermark outnumbered easily but alot of the new players saw us (20 people or so) come from the side, and curled up into a blob to prevent flanking and lost their way out, if they had stayed in a wall like right at the start casualties would have been minimal. They tried to break out a few times but alot had long weapons and you can’t thrust well with so many people behind you (learn this personally in shitfort) we pressed them hard and it was a slaughter blob…

Main problem with archery is how expensive it is, I see arrows fly past my head in battle and monstering and think ‘well that’s another £10 gone…’


To be fair, I get most of the bolts back after the battle. But yeah, it does have ongoing costs in replacing ammunition.

I also gather that the Saturday plan was pretty much precisely to get surrounded in that fashion, but then yes, they got into a crush, which is not good for any weapon combo. Most of the spots I was in as a monster there I reckoned we had a lot more spears than they did, while also having the room to maneuver, so we were happily exploiting our range advantage, because spears are really good.


Another couple of tips when fighting in a line facing an enemy line (regardless of whether the lines are shield-walls)…

Firstly, remember there’s more than one enemy in front of you. This works both ways:

  1. Don’t just try to hit the enemy warrior directly in front of you: sometimes it will be easier to make a diagonal attack. A particularly good case is if you’re right-handed and the enemy in front of you and to your right has a shield held in the left hand (the norm for a right-handed person). Then you can strike from that enemy’s right: the side without the shield.
  2. Watch out for one of the enemies trying to hit you that way! And also enemies in the second line using long spears/polearms to poke between (or over) their front-line fighters.

The other tip: sometimes you can parry a blow that’s aimed at one of your mates who is fighting next to you. This can be risky: you pretty much have to leave yourself somewhat exposed for a moment while you do it… but sometimes it pays off. For effectiveness in the overall battle, I’d only recommend it if you’re reasonably experienced and confident. Alternatively, you might choose to try it if you’re playing a character who has a special reason to try it (perhaps foolhardy and overconfident, or perhaps really really cares about that friend).


I always remind people that they are standing too far back. If you advance a step you can push the enemy back and put more pressure on them. this is the cause of death blobs. Shuffling back rather than taking your lumps and advancing.


This is my main weakness when I fight. I’m not aggressive enough and so it is a lot easier for my opponent to push me back and get a better position. It is interesting how a little bit of confidence can really effect the out come of a fight.


Very much. It was different with the Jotun as we both want to get stuck in. But fighting the grendal and druj, they only want to tie you up, stop you from advancing and wear you out. You may fall, but you then have to trust your mates to keep advancing then let the healers sort you out.


Heck yes. Decisive and aggressive action CAN break a line, push a larger force back, and turn a battle. Or it can get you and your friends killed by the dozen…


It is all about knowing how far to push. Controlled aggression is a must have. I know from experience that you don’t have to start a fight with aggression but it is so much easier to do what you need to do when you have it. The phycological effect is also quite important. It believe it is better to be decisive and aggressive than being indecisive and scared but I can see that being overly aggressive will get you hurt or killed.


Another thing is large forces not advancing into the orcs due to fear I think. (One of the reasons Dawn is great to fight against. They charge in, then charge again).