Larp character portraits drawn/painted


I am looking to paint/draw peoples characters, delivered for either E2 or E3.
Starting price is £30 for smaller paintings, with large pieces on A3 are £60 each.
I can work with anything from watercolour, gouache, oils to markers and digital art, whatever best suits your ideas.
No full photos of kit is required, a basic stick figure-esque drawing of your outfit as well as your face is enough, though photos of the kit is always a plus!
All payments via Paypal invoices.

>> Google Doc with all you need to know<<

In the linked document above I have info, prices, an example gallery, as well as info on the terms.
I can use a whole lot of different mediums. Currently offering watercolor, gouache, oil paints, alcohol markers, colored pencil, as well as digital painting.
All traditional pieces will be delivered to you at either E2 or E3 this year.

Send me an email at or PM me here for more info!
If I’ve missed anything or posted in the wrong category, let me know!

(About me:
My name is Charlie, I am more or less entirely new to the LARP scene and excited to join Empire for the first time at E2. I’m from Sweden and will be joining my friends in Navarr with Broken Chain Striding.
I will be playing a broker/alchemist of the name Irven Chainbreaker.

In my real, non-fantasy life, I am studying UX design and do freelance illustration work on the side. I hope to find people here interested in custom art pieces of their, or someone they know’s, characters, to cover some of the costs of travel and kit and the like. )

See you at Anvil!

[Edited for clarity & extra info]


Welcome Irven, to the hobby, the game, and these forums!

Hey, your stuff looks beautiful! I’m not really the art comissioning type usually but your watercolours are mighty tempting if I ever have the money.

On that note, though, my artist friend says you’re undercharging (and has suggested that you also advertise on facebook).

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Thank you for the feedback, I definitely am planning on posting on facebook. Somehow I had never officially joined the kit swap and sales group til yesterday though, so my membership is still pending :slight_smile:
Once I am in I will crosspost this.

As for prices, I realise these are fairly low, I just want to minimize the risks of people turning them down due to being too expensive.
Being a student and putting together a kit+travelling internationally has left me pretty broke at the moment.

What would you consider a fair price for what I am offering, if you dont mind me asking?


My artist friend says around £60 for the smaller size, £10-15 per hour spent as a bare minimum.

Well, I’ll look into it! Thank you!

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