++Late Booking Deadline E3 2022++

Don’t forget that midnight on Friday is the late booking deadline for the next event. If you’re coming to the event then you need to book your tickets and send payment by then to get the late booking price if you haven’t already done so. You can still book after this date - but you’ll have to pay the gate price!

This Thursday at 6pm (tomorrow) is also the deadline for doing anything with your inventory. If you’re booked for the event then tomorrow I’m gonna empty your inventory so we can put everything in your pack.

I’m sorry it’s a little earlier than usual, but we’re having to start pack earlier than usual. We have a mind-blowing number of people booked for the event - it’s already way more people booked than we had in total for the last event. That means we’ve got to make hundreds more packs than we’ve ever had to make before - so we gotta get started that little bit earlier.

We’re still working on the Winds of Fortune - we’ve got plenty more coming so keep your eyes on the wiki - or here to get the latest updates.