++Late Booking, Tents++


Just a quick reminder for anyone who hasn’t booked already for the first event that the late booking deadline is midnight tonight. Make sure you book your ticket before the deadline to get the best price otherwise you’ll have to pay on the gate.

Also - I’m pleased to announce that we’ve taken deliver of ten new 5m bell tents which are now available for hire from the website. These are good quality tents suitable for use in-character as well as for sleeping in.




For new players, I can highly recommend creating your character on the PD system before the event. If you don’t you will have to queue for a computer to create it, and then queue again for the admin volunteers to make up your pack. It can take a few hours, so it can get in the way of getting stuck into the game when you arrive.

If you need any help, please do post up your questions on the forum so that we can help you out. :slight_smile:



Before next weekend (Friday 19th)

This applies even if you are unsure of what you are playing. It is perfectly acceptable to leave skill points unspent for later.

In this circumstance it is most important to select your Resource (mine, business, congregation, whatever) and your Artisan items if taking that skill, as these determine the contents of your pack, and mean it can be packed in (relative) comfort and leisure before the event.

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Also if you’re a new player and change your mind after your first event or even during your first event you can change your skills. So feel free to pick something to get started with so you don’t need to queue in GOD :slight_smile:.