Layering up: Please rate these pieces?

So i have gathered as much that the Brass Coast look has strong influences from the old Silk Road route in ancient times (African civilizations, China, India, Afghanistan, Spain etc) and focuses on fine fabrics and creating a costume based on many layers etc…But being so new to things I wanna know am at least looking in the right style direction for pieces to layer up into a costume. Can you rate some of these items in terms of a Brass Coast look (obviously ignoring the models modern t-shirts & shorts etc but instead focusing on the scarfs, kimonos & jackets etc)?
Thank you for your time (and any input in much appreciated)!

looking at the rows and number them 1-4 and then the images numbering 1-5 going left to right. here’s the ones I can see working for brass coast.

  1. 1 and 5

  2. 1, 2 and 4

  3. 1, 3 and 4

  4. 1, 4 and just the scarfs

Just remember to adapt them with the correct colour scheme which is basically every colour bar white and black, white meaning your too poor to afford dye and black only being used for burial shrouds and other death related matters.

if you haven’t already I suggest reading the wiki for further costume influences and also if your on facebook it always worth joining the nation group and asking for thoughts on there.

worth remembering the freeborn are unisexual so go with what you want and add all the shiny things, bling it up.

feel free to pm or as here

(above is all personal opinion…I have no fashion sense and tend to look like I’m wear several sacks of colours in my freeborn pics)

DrunkenCorsair: Thank you so much for the reply! Very useful!

I take it is ok to maybe have a little bit of white or black coloring in the outfit though? Very important info (i did not know this at all and will definitely try to avoid black or white things from now on). I will definitely be blinging up the end costume with as much big statement jewelry as physically possible (will post some question pics on that later too). LOVE jewelry (lol)!

You’re going to want to go for fire colours if you can, red, orange, yellow along with hot pink, peacock blue etc. Basically the Freeborn haven’t met a bright colour they don’t like and generally give the impression of a riot in a dye factory.

Lots of layers and the more colours the better as far as I can work out

If you want to wear black and white come to Highguard!:stuck_out_tongue:

People will overlook black and white in, e.g. your socks, underlayers that are visible, background-y bits, even armour and wet weather gear (especially if you can come up with a story for why you ended up with things in these colours) because everyone understands that you can’t necessarily buy all new stuff for a character - but if you’re buying things from scratch anyway, it’s best to avoid them.

CharlieP: Aha…So i should probably emphasize more brighter colours if i can find them. Do you ever get Brass Coast people wearing more toned down colours with bright colours though (or toned down colours in general- or is that definitely a no-no)?

ChessyPig: Ok i will take that onboard. Back story sounds interesting though…What kind of back stories would be acceptable for a character wearing blacks or whites in their outfit?

If you tone your colours down too much then people might accuse you of being Urizeni, or at least being too poor to afford enough dye…

I’ve heard some characters talking about their black leather armour in terms of ‘well, it might well be my funeral shroud if I don’t come back’, for instance - it fits a certain fatalistic attitude that e.g. some Kohan might have.