League camp layout surgery- take a lie on the couch

Got an issue? need a tissue? Harrass me about where the league camp gives you a headache and I’ll see what we can do.

well as a reward for all your work simon (and your lady wife) come down for free friut next event ----- with our thanks

I think the Layout was grand indeed !
Without going into detail, maybe social tents other groups sleeping tents should not be near each other in future :confused:


Ahh, I did hear a few issues with noisy neighbours. Now it is something I care about as I want everyone as happy as possible but at the same time we have limited options.

Planning the camp normally works to these directives:

  1. attract as many visitors as possible using clearly defined roads.
  2. make traders as obvious as possible.
  3. let parents be as close to their sleeping kids whilst able to sit in social area’s.
  4. Let groups sleeping tents be near their trading and social tents
  5. get social tents as visible as possible
  6. Make a plaza and if so move traders to populate it.

I was in the ooc field and kept up to 3-4am a couple of nights. IC camping always risks being near a loony with a drum or similar (much less likely in our camp than others thank god!). We did put to the nation at one point that we could move the sleeping tents away from the social ones but that would mean sleeping away from your own group and people hated the idea.

However, I do want to group the late nighters closer together as it encourages more fun so you may get a quieter area by coincidence.

I know the baby did a fair bit of yelling after we’d gone to bed, but other people were still awake and carousing, so I hope it wasn’t too much of a problem.

I didn’t hear any babies crying and I was up Late Thursday/Friday/Saturday night until the sky had a hint of blue, so 4-5am.

Friday Night “we” had the leftovers from the Casino kind of semi-invite themselves in our IC tent with us and then had 2 drunken HighGuard showed up and much drunken semi IC shouting may have happened until 5am and this did upset our neighbours. Being IC I never gave a thought to drunken rowdiness waking anybody up.

We have apologised profusely and won’t let it happen next year.


I must admit, I didn’t have much of a problem camping IC - I have been pleasantly surprised by how nice an experience it was and will be investing in my own bell tent to do the same next year. So, thanks very much for that, guys! I’m an IC camper convert.

Despite sleeping next to what was probably one of the larger, louder social areas I found that my sleep wasn’t disturbed (and didn’t hear too much in the way of disruptive rowdiness, nor was awoken by little children at the crack of dawn). I have had more issues camping OC in the past.


It was pretty wonderful waking up to chiming bells on the League camp back at E3~