League E3 Camp Planning


Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Andrew (Shauni di Vergo), your camp planner! After what I’m hoping was a happy and enjoyable event for all of you, E3 is coming around the corner.

For those who haven’t seen my posts on Facebook, we will be experimenting with a slightly new layout where we will be adding in a merchant’s quarter for any businesses who want to be put there. I have also encouraged anyone with IC tents to bring as much colour and light to their tent/camp as possible, so we can be the best looking camp out there!

I’ll be asking anyone who wishes for their tent to be put in the merchant’s quarter to say so in the NOTES section of the excel document. I will only be including the business and if there is room, the owner’s sleeping tent if they want it.

Here is a simple guide on what I need you all to do if you are planning to bring IC tents to the League.

  1. Go to THIS LINK: https://docs.google.com/…/1wY63WT6v0neHrRndrJEqqSNK11…/edit…

  2. Please fill out the columns. Especially D, E and F. Notes for those who want to go in the merchant quarter are at the far right.

  3. If you are new or bringing in new tents, please go to the bottom of the sheet (133-ish) and add them there.

I need this to be done at the latest by midnight on Friday the 20th July (20/07/2018)!

As always, message me with any updates, issues or concerns.

See you at Anvil!


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How would you feel about a Free Company Canton? A seedy raucous area where fights break out with unerring regularity?

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Your link broke again. Here’s the one…

I love it :smiley:

Thanks! Appreciate it

:tada::tada:++LEAGUE CAMP PLAN++ :tada::tada:

Sat in his office, Shauni di Vergo has been shirking his managerial duties at the Di Vergo Playhouse to make sure the camp plan is ready before he sets out to anvil. Luckily enough, a couple of days before departure he completes his task and flumps back into his chair.

He mutters, “I need to hire a cartographer for this.”

A few of quick clarifications before viewing:

  • A million thanks to Will Stainforth for giving us space from the Marches. We’ll make sure to send any spare blood and bones for your growbags.

  • We’ve had to move the top road to along the hedge to allow easier access for ambluances, and people with accessibility issues. It gave me the opporunity to move that wiggly bit and make it into a nice T section.

  • We’re having a soft opening of the Merchant’s Quarter this event. If it’s successful, we can have a look at a more official opening.

  • We have a few new alleyways and side streets that you’ll be able to skulk and scurry in.

  • In case of genuine issues such as being unable to fit in the alotted space, damage to the tent, issues with the ground or other such problems, please tell me and I’ll do everything I can to fix it, either on site or on here.

  • Thank you to everyone who helped me out, from those who helped me in herding Leaguey cats to find the excel sheet to some advice to just those who answered my questions quickly so I could place their tents in the right place!

  • If I have the time, I MAY manage to design an IC version of this and have a few for sale for IC convenience. We’ll see.

  • If you need to contact me, please message me either on here while off-site, or come find me and poke me and I’ll see what I can do to help!

  • Last but not least, ENJOY E3!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: