League Runes

I’m sure I saw some League style runes a while back, does anybody have a copy of them?

and are they acceptable IC in terms of invoking the correct spirit when used?


Chris Kennish did a fantastic font - you can find it in the Files section of the “Empire LRP: The League” Facebook group. The font doesn’t work on Microsoft Office for no readily apparent reason, but it’s fine on Open Office

If you’d like some physreps, Martin Raynsford does a great set (msraynsford.blogspot.co.uk/2014/ … runes.html) - those are my set in the photos. My character (Richardo Glostari di Sarvos) also does rune cards (in both League and Wintermark glyphs) and a pamphlet on their use and meaning at a very reasonable price

The Crimson Tapestry have been using them for several seasons with great success and the fact that our head ritualist recently had had a bad attack of Cambion should be attributed not to the use of non-standard runes, but rather to solo-casting “Before the Throne of Estavus” with a truly redonkulous amount of material

Apologies, I thought I’d commented on this.

Thank you for the information!