Leaky Bell Tent Crisis!

:cry: :cry:

Tried out our brand new 5m Ultimate Bell Tent yesterday - light rain overnight and everything inside is soaked.

Ive used icelandic tents etc in the past, in much worse conditions, without this experience.

There was nothing touching the sides at all, and it is not a leaky seam - the water has simply penetrated through every part of the fabric and dripped into the interior.

according to the advertisement it is a waterproofed tent - i’ve emailed the vendor this morning, but was wondering if anyone on the Forum has any experience of this, or suggestions - I could try ?

Really don’t want the hassle of trying to return the thing, get refunded, and then find another IC tent in time for E3


That’s not normal at all.

My first thought is that you have a tent made from badly defective fabric, neither “of merchantable quality” nor “fit for the purpose for which it was sold” (both significant points from the Sale of Goods Act, or some such law).

I suppose it is just possible that the water might be condensation though. Were you doing anything to put a lot of moisture into the air inside the tent? (Burning a gas stove/heater, boiling things, having a great many people breathing out, having wet clothes around…)

From Adviseguide:

[quote]The Sale of Goods Act 1979 says that any item you buy from a trader must be:

of satisfactory quality
fit for purpose
match any description given.[/quote]

So yeah, check for any other reasons why the situation may have occured but if its just bad quality you do still have options to either a replacement or a refund.

Whilst it’s recommended to soak canvas tents before using them to make them fully waterproof, I’ve never known that first soaking result in the inside being completely wet, so it doesn’t sound like that.

Assuming the refund doesn’t take much more than a month you should be fine to get a replacement in time for E3, lots of UK based companies with timely delivery these days. I can highly recommend Dusky Deer, for example, their 5m stock should arrive in a couple of weeks.

Definitely not condensation - there were puddles on the floor!

It dried out in the afternoon Sun, but sadly was hammered by hail in the evening.

It was then blew away during a lightening storm about 2300 last night!

…now I see how we had good weather at E2 - the weather curse hit you instead :wink:.

I had a problem with my bell tent when it arrived, the runners for the guy ropes were put on wrong, so the guys weren’t quite keeping the tension which let water in. With re-doing the runners so the tension stays, making sure the rim of the roof is further out than the walls and making sure the little protecting flap over the zip is always down it’s been fine.